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Everyone always already thinks weirdos are perverts, so why fight it? #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Special guest appearance by our old cohort Lucas Peltonen, who sings in Chinese just for fun. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

There are a few things that everyone knows, but no one knows what they are (nor should they). #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Because I live backwards compared to your existence, everything I did last week is next week for you. That is to say, what you heard last week is what I will do next week. It's confusing for me, too. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Celebrating all the shitbitches in the World and hoping they all die soon. #shitbitch #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

After all was said and never not done, you still wouldn't always ever never not know - even then. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Since it never happened, there's no need to remember it. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Scribbles make me want to squabble, so I don't. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Nothing makes sense. Did you want it to? I didn't think so. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

If you ever thought you would think, or never knew you would know, then you should always pretend you're pretending. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Out - FAR Outside - ALL the WAY outside of everything you ever knew. That is all. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Similar images profoundly irritate your inner knowledge of the impossible. Not my responsibility.

The fabulous Geraldine Winnifred Visco is our special guest on this episode. The old one fits better...!

The title says it all (i.e. nothing nonsense never). Didja get it yet?

The most important thing in the history of history. Don't ever forget it.

Hey, you! Didja ever think that everything is everything?

And it always does. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Starring special guest star @therealxxxy as Mister Y, Voltaire was never so proud. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

The communication goes on forever, but every so often, you gotta sign out... #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Really better if you focus on something else. You know why. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird