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Everyone always already thinks weirdos are perverts, so why fight it? #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Special guest appearance by our old cohort Lucas Peltonen, who sings in Chinese just for fun. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

There are a few things that everyone knows, but no one knows what they are (nor should they). #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Because I live backwards compared to your existence, everything I did last week is next week for you. That is to say, what you heard last week is what I will do next week. It's confusing for me, too. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Celebrating all the shitbitches in the World and hoping they all die soon. #shitbitch #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

After all was said and never not done, you still wouldn't always ever never not know - even then. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Since it never happened, there's no need to remember it. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Scribbles make me want to squabble, so I don't. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Nothing makes sense. Did you want it to? I didn't think so. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

If you ever thought you would think, or never knew you would know, then you should always pretend you're pretending. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Out - FAR Outside - ALL the WAY outside of everything you ever knew. That is all. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Similar images profoundly irritate your inner knowledge of the impossible. Not my responsibility.

The fabulous Geraldine Winnifred Visco is our special guest on this episode. The old one fits better...!

The title says it all (i.e. nothing nonsense never). Didja get it yet?

The most important thing in the history of history. Don't ever forget it.

Hey, you! Didja ever think that everything is everything?

And it always does. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Starring special guest star @therealxxxy as Mister Y, Voltaire was never so proud. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

The communication goes on forever, but every so often, you gotta sign out... #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Really better if you focus on something else. You know why. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

It's a strange kind of double-think, and you know it can't last forever. It's just the way it is. My money's on you.

You can say it fi you want, but don't ask me to. Don't even think about it; I know I never do.

It's even further out than the other thing, or even the other other thing. Watch your head.

Now that it's an all new year, I decided to make this episode a compilation of every episode we're ever aired. Listen closely so you can catch all the nuances.

This follow up to the previous episode is especially crafted for the end of the year. If you listen carefully, you'll hear a reference in some way to each event that happened to each person all over the world during every moment of every day of the past year.

This very special non-holiday episode is exactly what you needed to not hear when you aren't not celebrating all those not wonderful not holidays.

The math just doesn't work out. You'll need to show your work.

If anyone had even mentioned it to me, I would be the first one to admit it. Obviously an oversight on your part. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

If you don't already know, I'm certainly not going to tell you. Try again, please. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

I've typed it before, and I'm typing it here again - "Nonsense is what makes life fun" (Dirty Martini) #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

I misquoted you on purpose. I imply, you infer. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Never could be any other way. #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Nobody told me there'd be days like these (strange days indeed, most peculiar). #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Please don't be normal. In reality, normality is a myth. Get Weird NOW! #WeirdosTV #GetWeird

Michael Motto and John Gille join us for a three-for-all free-form lossless complicated rant. No, it isn't genetically modified, but you'll wish it was.

Better than all the rest, we know this still isn't the best. But, it just might be the "best of all possible worlds". Or not.

These aren't the sort of things one discusses in public, which is exactly why I do the show.

Jon Yodice co-hosts and nothing is possible.

Both John Gille AND Jon Yodice join us in this free-for-all three for none odyssey...!

A very dangerous episode. Do not listen to this if you intend to remain sane.

Squiggle, Squiggle, Squiggle. Everybody Squiggle. Squiggle till you're green, Squiggle till you're blue. Then some more.

So many morons, waiting and expecting to hear from you...Too many morons, turning into idiots. How many more morons must I meet, until I am complete?

Some people think they know, but no one ever knew. If anyone ever knows, they wouldn't be thinking they knew, because they'd know they never knew.

Our special guest on this episode of 1-800-Weirdos is https://www.facebook.com/drpatrick who will help us eat our own heads.

Completing the trilogy of episodes with Yodice, we hatch a plan to prank those bastards at #adultswim #developmentmeeting #annnoying #idiots

Continuing to ruminate with Mr. Yodice, we make sure not to say anything that makes any sense to anyone. You're welcome.

On this episode, we celebrate the unexpected return of our erstwhile co-host, Mr. Jon Yodice, the man who never knew but understood nonetheless!

Here's a very special episode in which I pitch Weirdos TV to the goofballs at #AdultSwim's "#Development Meeting". I'm on their show, and they're on my show. They found this to be too confusing (seems to me they're easily confused).

We must be lost in space (and time and multidimensional reality) because Dr. Zachary Smith is our special guest on tonight's episode!

Now that we're beyond the end of time, things really get out of control. Not recommended listening for those who have difficulty dealing with reality.