Start With Why podcast
Start With Why
So many people are inspired by the Why and The Golden Circle. This podcast exists to deepen our understanding of The Golden Circle so we can better harness the power of Why. David Mead and Stephen Shedletzky from the Start With Why team share stories and interviews with people who are living examples of putting the Why into action.
GO DEEP!!! In this episode, we tackle the world of football. We speak with Matt Baasch from Minnesota State University Moorehead. Specifically, we dive into their Four to Win Character Development program and find the parallels that can benefit and inspire any organization or individual. 

We explore how to avoid some of the common temptations, misinterpretations, and traps that may lead you off course as you start with Why. 

Guest Matthew Mendelsohn joins David & Stephen to share his and his team's experience of implementing their Why. Matthew leads the Fashion Division of Time International based in Indonesia. The road to living our Why is a rocky one and Matthew shares his experiences from which we can learn. 

Simon shares his experience and insight on the importance of going through the Why Discovery process with another person. Learn more about the difference a partner can make in helping us discover and articulate our Why.

In this Spotlight edition, Stephen and David talk about the responsibility of leadership and how it can inspire people to come together to contribute toward a common cause. They discuss an event with Simon Sinek called Truly Human: A Q&A day with Simon, which took place in Brooklyn, NY in August 2013.

Stephen and David wrap up the final 2 of the 5 Principles with Peter Docker. This time it's Being and Doing, followed by Relationship. Here are a couple of links that are referenced during the episode: David Marquet's TEDx talk, How Great Leaders Serve Others - Peter Docker's article on the 5 Principles -

David and Stephen continue their conversation with Peter Docker of Why Not Unlimited. In this episode, the next two of Peter's five principles are revealed - Right to Left Thinking and Adaptive Leadership. You can read more about all of the five principles here.

In part one of this three-part series, Stephen and David introduce Peter Docker of Why Not Unlimited, a retired Group Captain in the British Royal Air Force. Peter's story led him to develop Five Principles of Leadership he uses to help organizations harness the power of Why. Part one sets the context with Peter's story and covers principle one, Start With Why, taking a deeper dive into what Peter calls "Nested Whys." You can read more about all of the five principles here.

In this Spotlight, David and Stephen get some input from Simon as they explore a commonly asked question; 'How do I find out my organization's Why?' 

In part 2 of this two-part series, David and Stephen speak with Billy Steeghs about what he calls his 'Why experiment'. You can also visit to find out more about the Stand Out in the Job Market Guide. 

In part one of this two-part series, David and Stephen share the story of Jonathan Ellis, who landed a job he loves with a major, global news organization... all by taking a different approach to his resume. Use the same tools as Jonathan to Stand Out in the Job Market Guide. 

This short episode (Spotlight) focuses on the importance of language and the words we use to talk about our Why.

On this episode, Stephen and David speak with Craig Underhill, who is seeing some amazing results from impelemting the Why in his business. The key is, Craig's doing it the right way. 

Stephen and David finish up the series on Hows with more insight from Simon Sinek. Learn more about what it takes to be at your best so you can act in line with your Why.

David and Stephen are joined by Simon Sinek to bring you part 1 of a two part series on Hows. Hows are our values and guiding principles; the actions we take to bring our Why to life. 

On the pilot episode, David and Stephen take you on a road trip... well kind of. We go on a Why discovery journey with Lori Collins of Savannah Coffee Roasters.