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Trillbilly Worker's Party
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We got up with Sturgill Simpson to talk Jam Bands, Work, Bernie Sanders, Gatlinburg, The Music Business, Leaf Hound Melting Motherfuckers' Faces Off, Canonball Run, Caleb Landry Jones, Jim Jarmusch, The Monkees, Kanye West playing Pigeon Forge and Running for President, his upcoming tour, and much much more.

This week on the Trillbillies: Ewar and the DNC resort to mad scientist tactics, Amy McGrath bombs a few more houses, and the gang enters the Promise Zone, a weird and mysterious place where your labor will be even more exploited than it already is. Support us on Patreon:

What a week it's been folks. From the Iowa caucuses to impeachment to Trump's State of the Union, one thing is clear: the Democratic Party must die. Support us on Patreon:

Tom's back in this episode about just transitions, Vexit, and the deeply diseased world of Lingua Franca. Please support us on Patreon:

In this episode we discuss the Virginia gun rally, "yall" culture, and the ongoing destruction of one Jeff Hoops, former CEO of Blackjewel coal. Support the Patreon:

Today's episode is about the extremely online topic of Bernie vs. Warren. We apologize in advance, we recorded this before the anti-anti-backlash. We'll be back with regularly scheduled programming next week and won't be offended if you SKIP. Oh and we also talk about rioting miners in Pike County, Kentucky, and Moms4Housing in Oakland. Support! The! Patreon!:

Another episode, another Beach Boys reference. On this year's opening episode we cover...JD Vance?? as well as America's military empire. Then we finish with an op-ed written by some capitalist pig trying to rehabilitate his image through philanthropy. Happy new year! Episode art by Matthew Carter Support us on Patreon:

Kentucky state representative Charles Booker is running in the Democratic primary to defeat Mitch McConnell, and he stopped by the cabin to talk about his story and platform. If you like what you hear you can support Charles here:

This week we dig into the absurdity of private insurance and Mayor Pete's weird relationship with the insurance companies; we talk about Matt Bevin's last week in office; and Tom tells us about his Profiles in Courage moment at the local dog park. Episode art from Means TV. Please support them!!! Support us on Patreon where you can hear the next installment of the Trillbillies:

This week we huff a whole bunch of whiteout and get totally psychedelic. We talk about selling out to the mainstream media and then take a look at the political scene. Then we take a trip to an oil rig with Bret Stephens and Gail Collins. That's right, it's Act 2 of the political thriller gripping the nation: The Conversation. You don't want to miss it. Patreon:

An episode all about flying, just in time for your Thanksgiving holiday travels. We also talk about Papa John, Trump knighting Jon Voight, and read from a very bizarre op-ed in Bloomberg about nonprofits. Support us on Patreon:

This week we look at one liberal professor's attempt to teach ethics to the benighted, coalsmudged hillbillies of Appalachia. Support the Patreon here:

We talk about our very favorite eastern Kentucky towns, as well as other Kentucky politics arcana. Then we do a little bit of Speak Your Piece. And for the grand finale, we look at a mysterious fire that brought down former Kentucky governor Matt Bevin's bell manufacturing plant in 2012. Support us on patreon:

All the hottest and best takes about the Kentucky governor's election

Kentucky Sports Radio's Matt Jones joins us to talk politics ahead of today's election.

We talk travels, run-ins with the law, depression, pleasure activism, Silas House, and we even use the Quija to speak with the (apparently still-living) spirit of one Jeffrey Epstein.

Part 1 of our Halloween special has Tanya and Tom swapping haint tales, and dabbling in the dark arts with our friends Carrie, Matt, and their daughter Ophelia while Tarence is on vacation.

The title of this one says it all.

We take a dive into the Joshua Brown/Botham Jean case and discuss how cops and prisons are indeed destroying the planet.

We're tired from tour folks but we're here to talk about impeachment and argue about what class is. Support the Patreon: