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Rehabilitated white trash podcast.

Local dipshits T&T struggle to make sense of the world with the help of the local newspaper Support us on Patreon:

Tanya's back, and the government's on fire Support us on Patreon:

A recap of the year 2020, in historical narrative form. Support us on Patreon:

The Wet Bandits T&T examine the multiple meanings of Christmas (capitalism, horniness, waste, celebrating the cinematic arts) and then discuss "The Mountain Santa" Marlow Tackett Support us on Patreon:

Ken Layne of Desert Oracle Radio stops by to talk to us about a really weird year in human history; about the monoliths and the importance of symbols; and about how Kurt Russell was the pilot who initially reported the Phoenix Lights. Buy Ken's book: Support us on Patreon:

This week we hear from centrist Zack de la Rocha; we take a trip to Dillon, Texas; and we finish out with an article about a nonprofit activist in New York selling it all for some Omaha steaks Support us on Patreon:

Well lap it up folks, because this is the only Hillbilly Elegy content you're getting from us this year. We cover the film very briefly, talk some more about Dolly and Obama, then wrap things up with stirring round of Speak Your Piece. Support us on Patreon:

Author and urban theorist Mike Davis joins us to talk about the political economy of rural America, and about what insights we can take from the 2020 election. GoFundMe for our cohost Aaron Thorpe: Check out our episode with Chapo about Hillbilly Elegy: And last but not least, support us on Patreon:

Please support political prisoners in Georgia: This week it's apparently international men's day on the pod. This means Tom gets his own theme park, just like Dolly Parton. Support us on Patreon!

It's another week of begrudgingly covering the news. Is Trump attempting a coup? What can Biden's transition team tell us about the future? How will honest Americans like the MAGA Florist and Stormin' Norman fare under a repressive Biden regime? Tune in to find out... Tarence has a new article about Congressman Hal Rogers up at Dissent Magazine: Support us on Patreon:

Trillbillies coverage of Election Day 2020 Also please welcome our newest Trillbilly member, Aaron Thorpe, who we couldn't bus up to Kentucky for this episode but who was on our most recent Patreon episode and will be on our upcoming episodes: @posadist_trapgd on Twitter if you'd like to say hello And please check out Tarence's article at Verso: And finally you can support us on Patreon:

Halloween Special Featuring Stories From Special Guests: Gangsta Boo, The First Lady of Three 6 Mafia. Her Catalog is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the usual places and you can catch her now on Run The Jewels' HolyCalamavote Special now streaming on HBOMax. Scarah, The Damsel of the Doomed! Host of Horror Web, and the Tub of Terror which you can see here: Ken Layne, Host of the inimitable Desert Oracle Radio available wherever fine podcasts are consumed and the author of the forthcoming Desert Oracle, Vol. 1: "Strange True Tales From The American Southwest" available for pre-order here: Daniel Pujol, Nashville based punk rock writer-musician. He's got a patreon with music and poetry you should check out here:

On this installation of Year Zero we sit down with author and scholar Jordan T. Camp to talk about the work of geographer Clyde Woods and his book "Development Arrested." We cover the political economy of white supremacy, how to study a region, how the planter bloc never really went away after the Civil War, and how the blues came to be born. If you like content like this and would like to support us, go to

We talk about voting and how it's pointless, then we have some Speak Your Pieces, and finally we talk about the brand new movie featuring JD Vance and Amy Adams (not Hillbilly Elegy) Support us on Patreon:

(The audio gets better a couple minutes into the episode) This week we cover: the earliest known Devil's Milkshake (at least in Trillbilly canon anyways); the Hillbilly Elegy trailer; and the McGrath vs. McConnell Senate debate Support us on Patreon:

For this very special bonus episode we're joined by the hosts of the Black in Appalachia podcast, Dr. Enkeshi El-Amin and Angela Dennis, as well as the director of the Black in Appalachia project, William Isom, to discuss the history of the black experience in Appalachia. Check out the Black in Appalachia podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever else you get your podcasts. You can also visit their website at

More Trump COVID news, more McConnell/McGrath speculation, and a story about a Trump administration ruling that forces artists to draw wildlife next to spent shotgun shells Support us on Patreon:

Unlocked premium episode concerning our initial reactions to the news that President Donald J. Trump has contracted the Covid-19 virus Support us on Patreon:

Coverage of the first 2020 presidential debate + Speak Your Piece for the week of September 30, 2020 Support us on Patreon:

This week it's a full-on examination of the E-CRISIS, followed by coverage of the Breonna Taylor case and yet another look at American cops. Then we top everything off with some Speak Your Piece. Support us on Patreon: And check out Tenure on Spotify!