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Motor City Hoops is your audio home for all things Detroit Pistons, part of the Hoop Heads Podcast Network. Motor City Hoops is hosted by Bryce Simon, former D1 player and current HS coach. The podcast includes analysis and opinions from Bryce on the Detroit Pistons and NBA in general. There will be weekly guest appearances providing in season game previews and reactions, trade and free agency speculation, draft analysis, and more on both the Pistons and NBA at large. Follow @MotorCityHoops on twitter for more content and video breakdowns!

For episode 56 of the Motor City Hoops podcast I had the pleasure of being joined by James Edwards III for the 2nd time. Of course, James is Pistons beat writer for The Athletic and one half of the BunxCardigan Show. James and I wrap up the pre-season and take a look at the regular season with the wing position battle and injury updates. We also talk about the veteran impact on the younger players and the roles he has seen from Ben Wallace and John Beilein. We finish off the Pistons portion of the episode talking about James' experience as a beat writer and find our way into the SI article and Killian Hayes. James had to leave the episode a little early due to a move up in Pistons practice time so Wes Davenport jumped on with me to finish it off with the Around the NBA segment. We talked about the team we are most intrigued by outside of Detroit, surprise and disappointing teams and under the radar MVP candidates.

I am joined by Jordan Lederman or more commonly known as @PistonsThoughts to take a look at the first 2 pre-season games for the Pistons. Not only do we breakdown and analyze what we saw from these games but also take a look at what it means for the regular season! Saddiq Beys’ aggressiveness, Jerami Grants’ progression and the 2nd unit are all discussed. All of that and more, including Ben Wallace joining the organization in an official capacity, during the 313 portion of the episode.  We then finish off the episode by going Around the NBA but staying in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference. Jordan and I do a quick rundown of the off season for the Bucks, Bulls, Cavs and Pacers and discuss what we expect to see from the other teams in the Pistons division.

Neal Ruhl joins the podcast from the fast growing Woodward Sports Network along with being the voice of the Oakland Golden Grizzlies and Detroit City FC for TV20Detroit AND backup Pistons radio play by play guy for Mark Champion. Neal and I take one last quick recap of the Pistons offseason with an emphasis on what it means for the season and Neal gives us an interesting perspective on Cade Cunningham as he got to see him in person last season. We also answer and discuss a few questions about the 2021-2022 roster ahead of the first preseason game on Wednesday and answer one big question about the future! After an episode off from going Around the NBA, it is back for episode 54, as Neal and I take some time to discuss the Lakers, Zion and the Pelicans, and what we expect to see from the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks.

Ku Khahil from the Locked on Pistons Podcast joins me for the second mailbag episode of the Motor City Hoops Podcast. We had an INCREDIBLE 15 questions submitted for this, which was very much appreciated, and gave us a chance to dive into all sorts of Pistons, NBA and basketball conversation. All-time Pistons bench starting 5? Weaver rebuilding vs SVG and others? Best Detroit downtown spot post and/or pre game? What NBA player do we dislike the most? ALL of these and soooo much more on this episode of Motor City Hoops! I want to thank each and every person that submitted a question for this episode. I hope to continue to do All Mailbag episodes in the future and your participation is what makes that happen! Make sure you listen to the episode to find out who submitted those questions and give them a follow on twitter.

On an amazing episode of the Motor City Hoops Podcast, I am joined by Anthony Bellino from The Michigan Sports Network, Xs and Os Bros, and BCSN Sports. Anthony and I continue to talk about player expectations for some members of the roster I did not get to on ep. 50. What kind of seasons do we see for guys like Hami Diallo, Josh Jackson, and a couple of the “vets”? We then dive into a really fun segment where we discussed some of “the Biggest” questions on the roster. What is THE BIGGEST short term need on the roster? Who is THE BIGGEST threat to be an unexpected starter? What player has THE BIGGEST chance NOT to meet fans expectations this season? ALL of these and more! We finish off the episode by bringing back the Around the NBA segment BUT keep a Pistons flavor with it. We check in on members of the roster from last season that have found a new home and see what kind of impact they may have with their new team. What will Wayne Ellington bring to the Lakers? Will Sekou make an impact in Brooklyn? Etc. 

On a shorter episode for the Motor City Hoops, I am joined by author and contributor at Bleacher Report, Jake Fischer. Jake and I discussed the Pistons offseason including the two most talked about draft picks, Cade Cunningham and Luka Garza. We also get into what he thought about the Pistons free agency. Did he like the move to acquire Kelly Olynyk? And what resigned free agent returning to Detroit does he like the most? We also dive into his expectations for the 2021-2022 season and what is the next step for Troy Weaver and the organization.  All of this and MORE on this episode of Motor City Hoops!

I had the absolute pleasure of being joined by Detroit Pistons and MCH fans Wes Davenport and @PistonsFanalyst for ep. 50 of MCH! Wes, PF and myself continue to look ahead to the upcoming 2021-2022 season. What are our expectations for Cade? Do we see another jump from Jerami Grant? “What if” Killian and Cade don’t mesh? “What if the Pistons are bad and Weaver’s team building doesn't look to be working? AND of course we talk about the Sekou Doumbouya trade to Brooklyn.  We finish off the episode by bringing back the Around the NBA segment as we each get a chance to give our most interesting move of the offseason from around the association and who we think the current favorite in each conference is.

Keith Black Trudeau joins the MCH Podcast for the second time to give us his amazing insights and stories on The “Teal Era” of Pistons history. During his first appearance on the podcast Keith gave us an amazing look into Pistons history from the start, to The Bad Boys, to the Goin’ To Work Pistons and more!! Unfortunately, even turning it into a 2-part (ep. 35) episode we did not get to everything we were hoping for! So, I had the pleasure of bringing Keith back on to fill in some of the holes and that starts this episode with the end of The Bad Boys and into The “Teal Era”. I know this is a longer episode BUT I PROMISE it is worth your time and the listen!!! In this episode we also give our reactions to the news of the trade of Sekou Doumbouya (along with Jahlil Okafor) to the Brooklyn Nets. Was this the right time to move on from Sekou? Did Keith feel like the return for Sekou was a good one? AND do either of us think Sekou will be a factor for the Nets?

Mat Issa joins MCH for the first ever “Mailbag Episode” where we answer questions submitted by you, the listeners, about our Detroit Pistons via twitter and the DBB website. Cades impact on Killian? Both of their impacts on Sekou? Is the long term #2 option on the roster? If not, where does he come from? All of these are answered, discussed, and MORE!  Normally, me and my guests finish episodes going Around the NBA talking about the hottest topics around the association. But in this episode I used that time to talk to Mat about his incredible “Quest for the Best” project where he gives us the Top 10 NBA players of all time. After 70 interviews, countless hours of film, and countless more putting it all together he will be releasing his 6 part podcast series in a couple weeks AND I got the first opportunity to talk to him about it! All of this and MORE on this episode of Motor City Hoops!

Bryce Hendricks and myself continue to look ahead to the 2021-2022 Detroit Pistons season. We use what we saw from the Summer League to look ahead at what we might see from players during the regular season AND what it tells us about possible rotations. We also spend a little time talking about some of the more interesting lineups Coach Casey could roll out this year. As I always do on MCH, we finish the episode going Around the NBA. Bryce, who watched almost every game of Summer League, tells us what player impressed him the most AND gives his best and worst off-seasons from around the association. All of this and MORE on this episode of Motor City Hoops!

Eli Bashi joins the Motor City Hoops Podcast for ep. 46. Eli was born and raised in Metro Detroit and has been a lifelong fan and supporter of the Pistons (and all Detroit teams) while also being a contributor at PistonPowered. I start off the episode by getting Eli’s thoughts and opinions on the Pistons off-season as a whole. BUT we didn’t just talk about the Detroit off-season, for the first time this summer I started taking a look forward to the 2021-2022 season. Eli and I give our thoughts and analysis on how Troy Weaver trims the roster to 15, who starts, who is in the rotation off the bench and Eli even gives his Pistons Eastern Conference finish and record at the end of the episode. As I do with every episode, we finish off by going Around the NBA. On this episode we had the pleasure of getting to discuss Eli’s “way too early 2021-2022 NBA standings” with record predictions.

David Aldridge joins the Motor City Hoops Podcast for his 2nd time to talk about the Detroit Pistons. We start off this episode talking about the Washington, D.C. connections within this Pistons organization (Troy Weaver, Jerami Grant, Luka Garza, etc.) which David is obviously very familiar with. I then get David’s overall thoughts on the Pistons off-season, his outlook on the upcoming season for Detroit, and the future of the organization. As I do with every episode, we finish off by going Around the NBA. On this episode there is a specific emphasis on David’s hometown Washington Wizards but I also ask him for his thoughts on Dennis Schroder and the player/agent dynamic.

On this episode I am joined by Keith Smith. Keith is a contributor at Spotrac, CelticsBlog, SpotifyGreenroom AND co-host of the FrontOfficeShow podcast. Keith and I discuss the overall past, present and future of the Pistons cap situation. We dive into ALL of the Pistons off-season moves and contracts. Take a little time to talk Cade Cunningham (of course) and what is going to happen with Hami Diallo. As with every episode, we finish by going Around the NBA. We discuss the 1st round rookie pay scale, the Dennis Schroder situation and some of the more team/player friendly contracts that were signed around the association this off-season. I hope you enjoy this episode!

I am joined by Chris LeBron who is owner and founder of the OffTheBall Network and host of the OffTheBall podcast. I love having on guests from the Pistons community but it is also fun to get "outside" perspectives as well. Chris is an all around NBA fan and content creator. On this episode we get his thoughts/opinions on Troy Weaver and the state of the Detroit Pistons, the 2021 Pistons off-season and NBA Summer League. As with all episodes, we go Around the NBA and talk about the New York Knicks (Chris' favorite team) and some of our favorite and least favorite moves of the off-season. Thank you for listening to this episode and for your continued support of MotorCityHoops. If you have time, I would love for you to leave a rating and/or review and go follow MCH on twitter. You are all very much appreciated!

On the episode I am joined by Omari Sankofa to recap Game 1 of NBA Summer League in Las Vegas where we were both in attendance. Along with our analysis on the game, we talk about the Pistons rookie class, Free Agency and off-season as a whole. As with every episode of MCH, we finish the episode going Around the NBA to analyze a few other teams off-seasons that we have not discussed as much on previous episodes.

On this episode I am joined by CJ Marchesani to get his perspective on the Detroit Pistons draft class, free agent signings and restricted free agents. CJ, one of the most progressive NBA content creators, provides great insight on Cade, the 2nd Rounders, Olynyk and more. As always, we finish off the episode going Around the NBA analyzing some of the moves from the first 3 days of NBA Free Agency.

On this episode I am joined by Lazarus Jackson for recap, reaction and analysis on the Detroit Pistons 2021 NBA Draft. We talk Cade Cunningham, Mason Plumlee Trade and the 3 2nd Round Picks. We also finish the episode discussing some of our biggest takeaways from the rest of the Draft.

I am joined for this episode by Matt Dery - Host of The Pistons Podcast AND Locked On Lions Podcast Matt and I talk about the Pistons Draft Night including #1 Pick Cade Cunningham, the Mason Plumlee trade, 2nd Round Picks and a look at the organization as a whole. I finish off this episode asking Matt about the Detroit Lions offseason and upcoming 2021 season.

Mark and I get into the NBA Draft for the Pistons and Around the NBA with the Draft days away The #1 Pick and Cade Cunningham The Possibility of Trading the #1 Pick Trading Back into the 1st Round 2nd Round Prospects that "FIT" the Pistons The Rest of the NBA Draft Lottery

Host Bryce Simon is joined by Rod Beard to discuss... Troy Weaver and his impact over the last 12 months Grant, Bey, Stewart experiences with USA teams Getting the #1 Pick and Cade Cunningham Watching our kids play sports NBA Finals recap AND MORE!!!!