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Eli and Jeremy welcome Jason Waller, former BBC Reporter, to the show to talk about the Americana and nostalgia of Stranger Things 3. We explore small towns, mall culture, sticky creatures, and the difficulty of nailing the third part of any creative output. Find out if we think Stranger Things: Season 3 pulled it off. extratextualshow@gmail.com

The Skywalker myth has been with our generation for our whole lives. How do we process the end of the Skywalker story and new Star Wars stories like The Mandalorian? Join us as we break down The Rise of Skywalker and the new Disney+ show, The Mandalorian with some stories of what Star Wars has meant to us through the years. extratextualshow@gmail.com Title music by Analogue Rex

Our guest for this episode, Brittany Lee, chose to talk about the Netflix series "When They See Us" and some encounters she has had with law enforcement, including some Black teenagers she is helping mentor. Ava DuVernay's series gives us a lot to chew on as we share stories to try to wrestle with the issues involved. Brittany and Eli also discuss meeting Yusef Salaam, one of the original Exonerated Five, and the inspiration of his story. You can listen to a conversation with Yusef here, that Eli and Jeremy helped produce for the Black Like Me Podcast. Brittany works in criminal justice reform and mentors young men with Trained To Grow Inc.

On our Halloween episode, our guest storyteller, actor Bryan Bosque, shares a story from seeing his first real horror movie on an unusual family vacation as a child. Jeremy shares a story of one of his scariest movie-watching experiences as a kid and Eli has nightmares about one of his early favorite films, Edward Scissorhands. Listen to hear what lies behind the nightmares that stuck with us. Also, Eli and Bryan reminisce on their experience making indie film projects together.

On the first episode of Season 2, we hear an amazing and heartfelt story from guest Rosita González about why Philomena was a turning point in the journey into her past and identity. We have a discussion around some of the untold issues facing transracial adoption and finish with Eli's story about High Fidelity and making mixtapes for love. Don't miss this episode! Show these stories some love by Subscribing and Rating the show!

Jeremy Holiday and Eli Steenlage return with a fresh new style for Season 2 that focuses on movies and the personal stories that surround them. Each episode will feature a new guest storyteller to connect over the films that are important in our lives. Listen to the preview to hear more about what is coming this season.

After 2 and 1/2 years of ExtraTextual, Eli and Jeremy announce a new format and style to the show while maintaining their unique conversations and guests. Before launching the new personal stories and movies format, they catch up on all of the great things they have been watching lately. They talk Stranger Things, Fleabag: Season 2, Detective Pikachu, The Perfection, Black Mirror: Season 6, Twilight Zone, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Burning. Check back very soon hear the next evolution of ExtraTextual in a new season! Theme Music by Analogue Rex

Eli and Jeremy break down a decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and what the milestone of Avengers: Endgame means for the industry. From the point of view of large scale, serialized storytelling other cinematic universes like Star Wars and X-Men are also discussed. Eli and Jeremey also give their top three Marvel films. Theme Music by Analogue Rex

On this episode, Jeremy and Eli talk about camera movement with Professor Patrick Keating. The conversation spans early Hollywood cinema up through current directors such as Martin Scorcese and Spike Lee. Don't miss Professor Keating's viewing recommendations for great examples of camera movement in classic films. Patrick Keating is an associate professor of Communication at Trinity University. He teaches courses in film studies and video production. Additionally, he has served as the chair of the interdisciplinary minor in Film Studies. Books: Cinematography (editor). New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2014. Hollywood Lighting from the Silent Era to Film Noir (New York: Columbia University Press, 2010). The Dynamic Frame: Camera Movement in Classical Hollywood (Columbia University Press, 2019) Theme Music by Analogue Rex

In the second part of our year-end wrap-up, Blake Goble of Consequence of Sound joins the show to continue the conversation of the stand out films of 2018. In this portion, the discussion covers Annihilation, BlackKklansman, Won't You Be My Neighbor, The Other Side of the Wind, They'll Love Me When I'm Dead, Hereditary, Black Panther, Mandy, Suspiria, Vice, and First Man. Let us know your thoughts: extratextualshow@gmail.com Facebook: @atwoodland Theme Music: Analogue Rex

Jeremy and Eli are joined by special guest Blake Goble, Senior Staff Writer for Consequence of Sound, to discuss our favorite films of 2018. On this episode, we start by broadly talking through the themes in cinema for the year. Then we cover picks on our best of lists, including If Beale Street Could Talk, Leave No Trace, Cold War, and First Reformed. Theme Music by Analogue Rex

On this episode, Eli and Jeremy discuss the latest entry in the Spider-Man film universe, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. They expose some of the techniques used in the innovative animation style of the film and why this film is so important in the history of animation. Eli and Jeremy also explore other important moments in film history that challenged the medium. Theme Music by Analogue Rex

On this episode, Jeremy Holiday and Eli Steenlage sing the praises of Steve McQueen's latest film, Widows. Though McQueen is working in the heist, crime genre this time, the many themes and variations are discussed. With a great ensemble cast and script co-written by Gilliam Flynn, it is hard not to love Widows. Jeremy and Eli disagree though on a central reveal in the middle of the film and how the scene is handled. *Spoiler Warning Theme Music by Analogue Rex

On this episode we talk with Annalise Ophelian, the Producer and Director of the upcoming documentary Looking for Leia. Annalise discusses the filmmaking process and interviewing female Star Wars fans who have connected with Star Wars on various levels. The conversation covers Star Wars through the generations, representation of female heroes in media, and general Star Wars geekery.  www.lookingforleia.com usetheforce@lookingforleia.com Twitter: @LookingForLeia Facebook: facebook.com/lookingforleia

On this episode Jeremy Holiday and Eli Steenlage give their Post-Halloween take on new movies and shows that lean toward the dark side. They dig into Castlevania Season 2 for the main discussion and then do some quick breakdowns of other viewing options. Eli talks about the new Halloween (2018) sequel and the new Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House. Jeremy critiques the second season of Attack on Titans. Theme Music by Analogue Rex

Jeremy and Eli evaluate the boom in animation in the streaming age and what it offers viewers going forward. The variety and quality of animation is changing quickly as we discuss the niche options available. Plus, we loved Netflix's The Dragon Prince and gush a lot about it.

On this episode Jeremy and Eli discuss the recent trend of comedy specials that lean more toward storytelling and serious topics. Primarily Hannah Gadsby's excellent Netflix special, Nanette, is explored as a major achievement. Gadsby dissects the stand up routine in light of her personal experiences. Theme Music by Anologue Rex

On this episode Eli and Jeremy reflect on the legacy of The Incredibles and how the worldview of the two films has been recieved by critics. There is a lot to discuss in the way that power and powers have exploded through superhero films since the release of the original Incredibles. Does the sequel do anything interesting with these concepts? Theme music by Analogue Rex

On this episode Eli and Jeremy have a lot of fun with the topic of "Guilty Pleasure" movies and television series. Though the lines between high and low are fading, the reasons for why we feel guilty about some viewing habits are explored. Does the term guilty pleasures still apply? Should I care that I want to see rampaging dinosaurs or Archie characters trying to solve murders? Let us know your thoughts and your guilty pleasures: extratextualshow@gmail.com Music by Analogue Rex

Eli and Jeremy explore the excellent second season of Dear White People from Netflix. The show talks about race in serious and funny ways, and we are listening and watching closely. We look at the real life trolling and political climate that informed the latest season. Plus we break down some of the varied and strong elements at work in the show, from social commentary, politcal thriller, melodrama, noir, and surrealism. Theme Music by Analogue Rex

Professor Colin Burnett returns to the show to discuss the latest Star Wars film. The spoiler-iffic conversation covers the look of the new film, the characterization of beloved stars, and the future of the Star Wars universe. Having a few weeks to process the release of the film, we speculate on the film's perception as a failure and what it means for Disney/Lucasfilm going forward.

In arguably the greatest team-up ever, Jeremy and Eli break down and take down the culmination of a decade of Marvel movies in Avengers: Infinity War. The coversation covers how the superhero characters come together, the villiany of Thanos, and the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. This film sets a precedence of translating a comic book format into a cinematic format. Does it succeed?

Jeremy and Eli continue their exploration of the films that have influenced them creatively and personally. Jeremy shares how The Lord of the Rings helped him process his emotions growing up and inspired his own storytelling. In the conversation are a wide range of topics including documentaries, Bollywood films, High Fidelity, Greek Mythology, and Wong Kar-Wai films.

On this episode Eli and Jeremy talk about the films that have influenced them creatively and artistically. Talking more as filmmaker and artists, they share stories of the films that inspired their development. Some of the films they discuss include work by Scorcesse, Spike Jonze, David Gordon Green, Damien Chazelle, Terrence Malick. We look at documentary and meta films as well, such as the work of Erol Morris, Anand Patwarden, and the film Spellbound. Don't forget to check out Volume II!

On this episode Jeremy and Eli explore the release and marketing strategies of some recent Netlix original movies, including Cloverfield Paradox, Bright, and Mute. Plus Netflix orginal series we actually enjoyed are discussed, such as Jessica Jones season 2, Babylon Berlin, and Voltron. Also, a warning about the audio quality of the first 35 minutes of this episode: Because of some technical difficluties in our recording, the beginning sound is lower quality than we prefer and the last half is normal.

Jeremy and Eli discuss the backlash and the heritage of Ready Player One. How does this movie handle pop culture and video game fandom? Where does this movie fit into Spielberg's career? Let the Easter Egg hunt begin?

On this episode we talk about Eli's favorite film of the 2018 so far, Annihilation. There is a lot to discuss as the film leaves much open to interpretation. Jeremy talks about the book and Eli relates it to Stalker. What does the ending mean? What is Area X? What happens inside? Of course there will be spoilers!

Eli and Jeremy take a close look at the frisky fish flick, The Shape of Water. How does it stand up to the other Best Picture Oscar nominees that it beat out? Is this Del Toro's best film?

Jeremy and Eli continue their conversation on Black Panther and share some of their own thoughts and experiences with the film. How does Black Panther and the villian Killmonger fit into the Marvel cinematic universe and the broader superhero genre?

On this episode Eli and Jeremy get Dr. Alex Gee's perspective on the new Marvel film, Black Panther. Dr. Gee discusses the mixed feelings on seeing the fictional naiton of Waukanda and grapples with the complexity of the villian character. You can hear more from Dr. Gee on his podcast, Black Like Me or on his website. Theme Music by Analogue Rex

On this episode we continue to explore the world of Star Wars and the latest film, The Last Jedi. Special guest Pat Yulo brings a female perspective to Star Wars fandom, along with an understanding of cosplay and Jedi spirituality. Pat is also a part of the team behind the upcoming documentary, Looking for Leia. Looking for Leia

We are back with Part 2 of our Best of 2017 lists. On this episode we are again joined by David Klein as we share our favorite film picks from the last year.  Our lists include The Big Sick, Mother!, Thor: Ragnorak, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Blade Runner 2049, Call Me By Your Name, I Am Not Your Negro, and Coco.

Jeremy and Eli are joined by special guest David Klein to discuss our favorite TV and Film of 2017. On this episode we start by broadly talking through the major trends in media for the year. Then we cover our lists of best TV, including Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, Mindhunter, Stranger Things 2, Legion, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Twin Peaks, and The Leftovers.

On this episode we welcome back Professor Colin Burnett to discuss the supposed controversy around The Last Jedi. We talk about the unique narrative style and surprises this film brings to the Star Wars world. Plus, we share some our favorite moments and explore the future of Star Wars as a Disney property. Vox article: "The backlash against Star Wars: The Last Jedi, explained Theme Music by Anologue Rex

Eli and Jeremy discuss The New York Times article "Skip It: Why It's O.K. to Start a TV Show in the Middle" and mostly disagree. We also talk about what we have been watching lately, including Mindhunter, Chance: Season 2, and Daredevil: Season 2.

On this episode we talk with writer, producer, and director Joshua Russell about his filmmaking experience. We cover such topics as film education, the writing process, and making films that have meaning. Also, we discuss the way his upcoming film Absolution relates to the sexual assualt scandels rocking the news lately. OMG (short film) Absolution Trailer

Eleven and the gang are back for more monster hunting. Jeremy and Eli return to the topic of the inaugural episode of ExtraTextual with Stranger Things 2. Is the show just remixing the first season of nostalgia or doing something interesting with it's sampling of 80's references? And what about that punk 7th episode?

In this episode, Jeremy and Eli explore the world of the Blade Runner sequel. Is Deckard a replicant? What implications does the film hold for our current world? Do androids dream of electric sheep? Also, check Eli's short film "Meshes of the Mind" from a few years ago that predicts the major plot point from Blade Runner 2049. Theme Music by Anologue Rex

Yes, we're talking about memories. Friend of the Podcast Professor Steve Noll joins the show to explain some of Blade Runner's rich history and many versions. We explore the Blade Runner from the perspective of a Noir, artificial intelligence, philosophical sci-fi, and our own personal experiences or insights.

Jeremy follows up with The Expanse to discuss season 2 and compares versions of The Tick. Eli talks anime on Netflix with the release of the live action Death Note and has mixed feelings about new series Neo Yokio.

Jeremy and I discuss the new IT film and the television version. We cover a wide range of views, including childhood and collective trauma, the American psyche, and childhood fears. And we can't forget talking clowns and scariest moments.

On this episode Eli and Jeremy discuss the religious commentary of Castlevania, introducing Raiders of the Lost Ark to Eli’s son, Voltron: Season 2, the expansive narrative of The Expanse, The Last Airbender, and Hologram for a King. We also consider the joys of brainstorming story concepts, inspired by Lucas/Spielberg collaborations and the Inklings.

Special Guest and comic book creator Ben Grisanti joins Eli once again for a discussion on Twin Peaks: The Return as the series comes to a close. As we struggle to come to grips with the ending, we share our personal feelings and theories about the unexpected conclusion. We talk Cooper, Dougie, Mr. C, Richard and Linda. All the Dopplegangers you can imagine in this world or any other! Is this the last we will hear of David Lynch or are we just dreaming?

On this episode Eli and Jeremy discuss Luc Besson's new sci-fi epic, Valerian and it's unique production in the world of franchises. Though an entertaining and visually stunning film, Eli and Jeremy find many issues with the film.

On this episode Jeremy and Eli reflect on the state of film in the 21st Century so far. Based on the New York Times article, we discuss the film critic's list and Eli shares some picks from his personal list. New York Times Article Eli's List:   Lost in Translation There Will be Blood The Master The Tree of Life Children of Men In The Mood for Love Spirited Away Three Times Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Casino Royal Moulin Rouge The Royal Tenenbaums Under the Skin Almost Famous Lord of the Rings Trilogy A.I. Artificial Intelligence  Adaptation 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days The Social Network Mullholland Dr. Upstream Color Nightcrawler  The Prestige Scott Pilgrim vs The World Certified Copy

Special Guest and comic book creator Ben Grisanti joins Eli for a discussion on Twin Peaks: The Return as it hits the mid point. We talk themes of the new series, favorite moments, and some theories. Some damn fine podcast!

On this episode Jeremy and Eli discuss the merits of not binging shows and leaving room to refelect on single episodes. Eli recommends a few new Netflix shows, including Okja and Castlevania, and reflects on the end of The Leftovers. Jeremy looks at Netflix's Daredevil and how the third season of Agents of Shild makes some strong political commentary. Plus, Jeremy and Eli are inspired to get deep about art, truth, and life. Theme Music by Analogue Rex

Eli, Jeremy and returning guest Colin Burnett discuss the merits of the newest addition to the Alien franchise. Colin makes a case for the world building advancing through Ridley Scott's return to the world of Alien.   Theme music by Analogue Rex

On this episode we talk about the new Wonder Woman film with Colin Burnett, author and Professor of Film and Media at Washington University. Our discussion covers director Patty Jenkins, reading the film as a feminist blockbuster, and the cultural relevance of Wonder Woman. We also share our opinions on the film’s effectiveness as a narrative and the villains involved. Check out more writing by Colin Burnett: Moving Patterns The Invention of Robert Bresson Theme Music by Analogue Rex

On this episode Jeremy and Eli discuss what we have been watching with our kids (Transformers, Monsters Inc., Spirited Away). Then we discuss what we have been playing at our houses (Helldivers, Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, London Spy, Love, The Leftovers). Theme Music by Analogue Rex

*Spoilers!* Special Guest and comic book writer Ben Grisanti returns to the show to share some reactions with Eli about the new Twin Peaks series. We discuss some important details from the original series and the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me film to lead into the new series. Ben also dicusses his new theory into some of the mysteries presented in the first 4 episodes and we each provide our most iconic moment from the original series. Theme Music by Analogue Rex

*Spoilers* On this episode Jeremy and Eli discuss the various movie versions of Ghost in the Shell, including the 2017 live action incarnation. We discuss the heavy philosphy of the animated movies and the translation into a Hollywood blockbuster movie. How can artificial beings tell us about what it means to be human and having a respect for all life? Music by Analogue Rex

Jeremy, Mikey, and Eli discuss what they have been watching with their kids and what they have been watching recently. As well, in light of all the Alien: Covenenant ancillary marketing, they discuss current viral marketing trends.

On this episode we talk with Andre Darlington, author of Movie Night Menus, about how he wrote the book with his sister. We discuss discovering some classic movie gems and some of Andre’s favorite pairings. Then Jeremy, Mikey, Eli and Andre reveal their favorite classic films from the book, including The Sting, Casablanca, American Graffiti, The Thin Man, and Elvis in Hawaii.  http://www.andredarlington.com https://www.withthedarlingtons.com Theme music by Analogue Rex

On this episode we talk with Erik Crary and Steven Piet, the filmmakers behind Uncle John (watch now on Netflix). We discuss being David Lynch's assistant, Facebook stocking, the virtue's of Midwest filmmaking, and their new season for SyFy's Channel Zero.  http://www.unclejohnfilm.com http://www.ecrary.com http://www.wtnss.com

On this episode we discuss double identities, split personalities, and dissociative identity disorder in film and TV. Primary we compare the different takes on Norman Bates in Psycho and Bates Motel across generational representation. We also look at this topic in other films such as Fight Club, Primal Fear, and Black Swan. We also cover What We Have Been Watching With Our Kids and Now Playing Theme Music by Analogue Rex

It's been awhile since we discussed what we have been watching, reading, or playing so this week Jeremy and I catch up with the "Now Playing" segment. We also discuss what we have been watching with our kids.

On this episode Jeremy and Eli talk with comic book creator and writer Ben Grisanti about his newest project, Polybius Dreams and independant comic publishing. Our conversation covers 80's arcades, urban legends, creepypasta, Cronenberg, psychological horror, and comic book theory. Plus, Ben gives his recommendations for some great comic books currently ongoing. *Warning!* At one point we start discussing Slenderman and instantly static appears in our mic until we switch topics. We had to cut out a section because of sound quality. *spooky* Check out more of Ben's comic work and support his Kickstarter for Polybius Dreams: Kickstarter Hypnotic Dog Comics Theme Music by Analogue Rex

On this episode we are joined by our friend of the podcast Tim Lom to discuss the narrative experiences between film and video games. Which experience is more satisfying and what are their unique qualities? We also try to explain fun terms like Ludonarrative Dissonance. Theme music by Anologue Rex

Jeremy and Eli discuss their thoughts on Martin Scorsese's new film, Silence. This difficult film is based on the classic book by Shusako Endo. Theme music by Analogue Rex

On this episode we talk to director, writer, and producer, Zach Wechter. We discuss his short film, Straight Down Low and the way that he and writer Jack Seidman play with genre.  Watch Straight Down Low: https://vimeo.com/77306213 Check out more of Zach's work: zachwechter.com Theme music by Analogue Rex

Eli, Jeremy, and Mikey continue their discussion of the Best Media of 2016. On this episode the list of Media includes The Fits, The 13th, American Honey, Cementery of Splendor, Master of None, Sandman, Mr. Robot VR, and Voltron. Our favorite Kids/Family picks of 2016. Plus Jeremy ecstatically recommends Michael Bolton's Big, Sexy, Valentine's Day Special. Email us your best picks of the year or comments at: extratextualshow@gmail.com Theme music by Analogue Rex

On this episode Eli, Mikey, and Jeremy discuss their 2016 lists of the best in film, TV, video games and more. Media on this episode includes The Man from High Castle, XCOM 2, The Invitation, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Under the Shadow, Bates Motel, Gleason, and Sing Street. Be sure to check out Part 2 next week! Theme music by Analogue Rex.

This is the first in our series of conversations with filmmakers producing interesting work. Rebecca Weaver and Chris Irwin are the filmmakers behind the independant film June Falling Down. We discuss using minimal crews, the writing and development process, and finding inspiration in real life events. We also discover what they have been enjoying watching lately. You can find out more about their films at silverleaffilms.net

On this episode Eli and Jeremy explore their personal cinematic journey through the concept of originality in film. Eli takes his cue from visual originality with The Matrix, 8 1/2, and Pierrot le Fou. Jeremy looks at original film narratives by way of Moulin Rouge and Hindi films Sholay and Lagaan. As always, we talk about what we have been watching with our kids and what we having been streaming or playing recently. Theme music by Analogue Rex.

This episode dives deep into the film Arrival along with a look at the constructed alien language for the film with guest William Annis. William analyzes the quality of the constructed language and we explore the twists and meanings of the film. As always, we also discuss what we have been watching with out kids and what we have been streaming. Theme music by Analogue Rex.

An extra episode where we discuss all things Rogue One. Enjoy!

On the first episode of Extra Textual we discuss the topic of Nostalgia in connection to Rogue One, The Force Awakens and Stranger Things. **  Spoiler Warnings from start of the episode** We also talk about what we have been watching with our kids and what we have been streaming lately. This episode is a little extra long, but there was a lot of great stuff to talk about and introduce the show. Theme music by Anologue Rex.