Official Screenwriting
Adam Levenberg

Screenwriting and the entertainment industry as it relates to filmmakers.

Adam talks BRIDGE OF SPIES & the beautifully ludicrous CRIMSON PEAK


Adam's take on THE GREEN INFERNO and admiring Eli Roth's approach to setup and payoff.

This week, Adam talks about the two big screenwriting issues in JURASSIC WORLD.

Adam shares quick thoughts on THEY CAME TOGETHER, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, as well as GRACE & FRANKIE and DAREDEVIL

Adam gives thoughts on the most important thing for writers to do during notes meetings plus quick thoughts on THE EQUALIZER (make your characters smart!) and JUPITER ASCENDING (too much damsel in distress!)

Adam shares his thoughts on KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, FOCUS, and his favorite movie of 2014, THE BABADOOK. Plus, quick musings on BIRDMAN winning best picture and why HOUSE OF CARDS continues to fascinate.

Adam quickly covers the announcement of Sony's move to turn SPIDERMAN and GHOSTBUSTERS into female action franchises, plus an Act I analysis of the classic Robin Williams film AWAKENINGS.

Adam deconstructs the trailer of the upcoming megahit FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, plus listener questions.

Adam discusses wish fulfillment in Josh Boone's THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, plus some quick thoughts on TAMMY.

Adam talks about his Great American Pitchfest panel with Ryan Engle, Shane Black, and Alvaro Rodriguez. Plus, an analysis of character introductions from NON-STOP and THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT.

This week, Adam provides quick screenwriting thoughts on GODZILLA & THE NORMAL HEART. At the end of the episode, he provides advice to those attending THE GREAT AMERICAN PITCHFEST, which takes place June 20-22 in Burbank, CA. Use discount code ALGAPF11 when buying your tickets!

How the GOSNELL project raised a nearly $2 million budget based on the concept alone. Plus, quick thoughts on Fox's GOTHAM trailer and Ed O'Neill's character from MARRIED WITH CHILDREN.

Adam tackles how to bring life to supporting characters using examples from GHOSTBUSTERS and THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR followed by quick thoughts on James Franco's INTERIOR LEATHER BAR. Plus, reaction to the HOW DID THIS GET MADE episode featuring COLOR OF NIGHT.

Adam talks about the quadruple framing device in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, discusses the hero's perspective in terms of SABOTAGE, and reveals the screenwriting tricks that made GOD'S NOT DEAD the top indie hit of 2014.

This week, Adam talks about the best non-entertainment podcast for screenwriting ideas and takes a look at an action scene on the page that can easily be improved. Also, he provides a commentary and analysis of a scene from the classic action  flick THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT.

Check out this new version of the podcast, which is finally edited for content!  Adam shares some thoughts on the Oscars, gives advice to screenwriters looking to collaborate, provides initial reaction to the blockbuster NON-STOP, plus more.

Adam discusses his love for BAD GRANDPA and examines Johnny Knoxville's earlier project THE RINGER in terms of matching an outrageous concept with a fresh approach to character.

Adam provides his thoughts on some Oscar surprises. Plus, additional screenwriting thoughts on DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, INSIDE LLWEYN DAVIS, NEBRASKA, and SAVING MR. BANKS.

Adam tackles how to improve the romance in THOR & THOR THE DARK WORLD with The Bat Signal's Jeff Sussman.