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Rob Greenlee is Chair; the Board also includes Apple, Spotify, NPR and iHeartMedia

A new app that won't let you subscribe

Android's twice as big as iPhone

A new delivery from the company?

They're the first UK company to gain certification

Secure audio and video for companies and organisations

The deal could be worth $200m

A new Audacity is released - but it's buggy

It's the third time this app has been wrongly suspended

Spotify now producing local content, too

And a new feature coming soon on Spotify

Are there too many new podcasts, not enough new listeners?

A chat app is their #4 app

LiveXLive also renews agreement with iHeartMedia

And a new podcast database is launched

NYT sees podcast ad revenue climb by 30%

And the publishers still blocking their podcasts on Google

And today's most popular Android podcast app

And more new podcasts than ever before

And Ireland, and Australia

So soon after Apple

We discover all his clients, too


Your subscribers won't be affected

34% of people do nothing else while listen to a podcast

Lawyers are why we can't have nice things

Apple Podcasts are still in the lead

How this podcast got into New and Noteworthy three times

54% have podfaded

The gang is back together

Mordpodden copied plenty from Kakelugnsmordet, a court finds

A sign of podcasting consolidation?

NPR is in the lead

The app has over half a million ratings, too

And 1 in 4 of all true-crime shows

And another new Google thing

Is Google finally sorting its podcast offer out?

And more consumption data

WarnerMedia, Slate and Fox News Radio make it to the list

Particularly from alternative health podcasters

New data from German podcast host Podigee

Downloads are down; listening is down more

It includes MP3 export

Half of all podcast publishers say they're making coronavirus podcasts

Making ad sales easier, they say

We uncover some interesting differences

Deezer unveils a redesigned podcast player

It actually downloads podcasts now

Seeing a slight drop? Us too.

37% of US adults listen every month

Stuck at home? These podcasts might help.

He joins from the BBC and WNYC

It is, if their job openings are anything to go by

Promo ad-swaps, episode drops and crossovers

Cancellations and new shows

ID3 or not ID3, that is the question


New podcasts about the virus

We're finally in a chart, too!

You're probably okay though

That's 221 million people

And a podcast conference bingo game card

And the oldest PODCAST in the world too?

Get goodies for your RØDEcaster Pro

50,000 were added in the last 30 days

Also, this newsletter contains free beer

And our speech on international podcast consumption

The company plans to hire a remote team

Obviously, Joe Rogan is number one

Coupon codes are also not very good for measurement, the company says

Spotify and Apple also much the same size in Germany

Podcast in English, Danish, Spanish, German and Irish

Plus - podcasting to reach $1.1bn this year

A special edition, looking at the reaction and detail of The Podcast Academy

from Podcast Movement Evolutions

HubHopper stop republishing RSS feeds

Audioboom wants a buyer, too

And, free podcast workshops in NYC

Westwood One release new research

Andy Bowers leaves Megaphone; Podcast Radio to launch tomorrow

Google Play Music Podcasts to close later in 2020, say reports

Wondery caught copying clips; a top podcast isn't a podcast

Podkite adds episode Kitelinks; and the 29 power players of podcasting

Somethin'Else and Sony Music Entertainment do a deal

Overcast rebuilds Voice Boost

The number of plays has doubled in-app, they say

Spotify gets five new true-crime shows

Daily Drive quietly launches in Australia, too

Also launches Privacy Policy for Listeners

That ain't working - that's the way you do it

Mais oui

Serial is also for sale

We have an answer!

You can also use it without an account

The Dropout wins Podcast of the Year

Yep - subscriptions, not downloads.

Is consent optional?

Except the data looks flawed

The service could now cost as little as $2.99 a month.

The event moves from May to early November

Spotify ad targeting is 'violation of privacy' says Mossberg

Half of US adults use voice assistants

Apple wants you to swear

Parcast names their podcasts the best names

And another new podcast discovery website

Chinese podcast really an audiobook?

Made by the government in Guizhou Province

Find out if they will matter for your podcast

Castro lets you pay to promote

It's in a very eerie location

Plus, good examples of branded podcasts

Spotify also responsible for the growth of the medium

Here's proof

Probably not. Plus, Brit podcasts doled out dosh.

The Daily Show Podcast Universe launches in January

A new CEO for Audible and Audioboom

Podtrac revise their top podcasts list after our story yesterday

The figures include people who didn't play the podcast at all

The US listens to comedy the most

in the US, at least

Google Podcasts also adds a recommended episodes tab for some people

Three videos from a recent conference on podcasting

And there are now over 800,000 podcasts in Apple Podcasts

Plus - is podcasting going AAC?

He's wrong

Robert Krulwich is retiring

The Daily is 11% advertising, says research

and Boomtown launches

Also, SoundCloud.

Whooshkaa signs another Malaysian broadcaster

You, yes you, can be Joe Rogan

Happy Thanksgiving Special Edition

Pocket Casts doesn't appear to have increased much after going free

A privacy symposium to be held in New York NY in February

The French try to measure podcasting in a crazy-ridiculous way

Apple podcast listeners more liberal; Android podcast listeners lean to the right

The Joe Rogan Experience is the most popular US podcast, says new research

Libsyn gets passthrough for Spotify

And Gumball launches, a podcast advertising marketplace

How many podcast episodes were published in 2018?

Apple's email yesterday contained an error, too

Apple writes to us all again

Podcasts are also now on Pandora's web and desktop apps

Forever Dog go Sticher Premium

75% of 16-39 year-olds in Asia-Pacific listen to podcasts

Anchor launches easier podcast trailers

And a new podcast ranker for the Netherlands

New spoken word audio report to be released

Audible UK announces Audio Production Grant winners

TuneIn lose an important court case

Literally the Netflix of podcasting

And Podcast Addict's revenue, kind of

The company has also partnered with a Euro ad insertion company

The podcast host that won't let you make money without upgrading

Jonas Woost moves to Pacific Content

PRX's marketing secrets

And all the microphone comparisons you want

Super Listeners also love public radio, it seems

IAB's revenue figures shows good increases for digital audio

A new podcast monitoring service also launches

And more news from Australia

CNN launches internal podcast unit CNN Audio

Eight different endings. To their podcast, not this one.

Also data from the UK shows podcast listening has doubled in two years

OzPod releases all its audio

Best practice and a resource directory are most wanted by podcasters

Podchaser has three million podcast credits in its database

Luminary's launch has claimed a casualty.

None of the data is in RSS

and Audioboom's latest financials

A special shareholder's meeting is set for November 8th

He also is clear about whether they will share user data.


...and Deezer is getting serious

Happy International Podcast Day!

and the Evening Standard to start a daily podcast

UK newspapers? Grubby thievery? Surely not.

They also out-perform radio ads

They have a captive audience...

Like Crime Junkie, but completely the other way round

Turns out you're probably streaming this

You can watch on YouTube.

Good news for decent podcast app lovers

Giving away money isn't a business plan, it turns out

Podcasting also responsible for NPR being profitable

There's a 'faces for radio' joke here which we won't do

FeedPress was off for at least six hours

Both Apple and Google seeing more plays

The figure was just 12% in 2012

And dynamic vs condenser microphones

And a podcast gets yanked in Detroit

New number start Oct 1

Plus, questions about Himalaya

It's just ignorance, adds Tanner Campbell

Webster puts his Podcast Movement speech online

A full cast, fully designed urban fantasy fiction podcast

And money off the London Podcast Festival

Thursday 3rd October in Melbourne VIC, Australia

Another dollop of plagiarism?

Podcast sold out a 500-seat venue in three days

LLLLLLLLet's get ready to listen!

and more allegations of true-crime plagiarism

Driving? He's like a passenger who hopped on ten years late...

Wondery launched international translations last week

Also, accusations of suspicious reviews

It's almost over in Orlando

It's more complicated than that

You can watch live

And, Libsyn, Podtrac and Triton Digital gain IAB certification

PodPass could mean an end to different apps for premium podcasts

A revamped look for Google podcast searches

And PodcastOne launches a new, always-free podcast host

Podcasters earn money once a transaction takes place

It'll be on September 18th, and is free.

They have cited their problems with the IAB v2 standard

Finally! :)

Podcast listeners spend a third more on fish. No, really.

Yeah, nah. Except...

The service offers free hosting and a revenue share

Compares with radio, where about half of listening is with other people

And more about Apple Podcasts categories

Spotify now bigger than Apple in Netherlands, Germany and Bulgaria

Work appears to be in progress

It'll deliver tailored playlists, including podcasts, controlled by voice.

39 percent across the world. But Australia is 22 percent. Or 8.1 percent. Research.

Acast claims 1.3bn listens last year

88 percent of the company's revenue is from the US

A Bloomberg report claims

Pdcsts r gettn shrtr

There's been a big increase in one-star reviews since 1 July.

New studios give Audioboom the ability to produce more than 40 shows

Podfront UK launched today

The new Controller has worked in podcasting for some time