32 Good Minutes
Chico Bean & B Daht
Chico Bean and B Daht give a very transparent approach to answering ANY QUESTION a woman may have, needing a male perspective. By Bean being single and Daht being married, it's usually heavy conflicting vantage points from the 2 leading to some entertaining dialogue. The added component is the audience of women. Audience members reach out via email (32GoodMinutes@gmail.com)and create the 3rd perspective and possibly the most vital. No time for wasted words, get 32 Good Minutes and spread the word!
​ In observance of Dr. King's birthday as well as issues that have presented themselves, culturally, to start 2018, B Daht and Chico Bean tackle the H&M ad, the social responsibilities of seeing movies like Proud Mary and Black Panther and Bean turns a switch on in Daht's thought process dealing with modern day race manipulation. A VERY combative 32 Good Minutes! Please Share!

In the 1st installment of 32 Good Minutes for 2018 B Daht gets scared when he finds out his net worth via the internet, the Guys give their New Years Resolutions, share who had the best come ups of 2017, their takes on the sex scandals that plagued last year, and Chico Bean has an analogy of why Men want a new woman even when they have a Good Woman at home... ALL in 32 Good Minutes!!! PLEASE Subscribe and Share! Any feedback, comments or topics you'd like to suggest, please email: 32GoodMinutes@gmail.com

In this episode of 32 Good Minutes Bean and Daht speak on the adultery heard round the world: Kevin Hart. Bean shares more on why monogamy is unrealistic and unnatural and Daht explains the thought process a man has when he gets married. Spread the word and PLEASE subscribe!

In this 32 GOOD minutes, Daht (tipsy on the henny) shares the ONLY WAY the 90-day rule works, Bean explains how a HOE becomes a HOUSEWIFE. The 2 discuss women who like to "date" their sons. If anyone is interested in DATING BEAN, he tells you how!! To send in ideas or to be part of the 32 GOOD Minutes with Bean and Daht podcast: email 32GoodMinutes@gmail!

After apologizing for the lenght of time since the last episode of 32 Good Minutes dropped, Bean & Daht jump RIGHT into the action with an emailed version of the "#AskDaht x #AskBean" segment regarding: Ice Cube, Will Smith, Denzel & Samuel L. Jackson. Bean shares his insight on Floyd's big win then the 2 have a heated debate regarding Colin Kaepernick, those "boycotting" the NFL vs. those who aren't, & was Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend out of line for sending "the meme". The episode is wrapped up when you find out if Chico Bean would ever date an Instagram Model. Make sure you subscribe and pass these 32 Good Minutes on to someone else! To be an audience member or send questions or show topics, please email: 32GoodMinutes@gmail.com