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Our guest this week is Nick Estes, citizen of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, Assistant Professor of American Studies at University of New Mexico, host of the Red Nation Podcast, and author of Our History is the Future: Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance. We discuss the link between indigenous and black struggles in the context of the no-DAPL blockade at Standing Rock and Black Lives Matter, statue removals and vandalism in New Mexico and in New York at #OccupyCityHall, whether attacking statues of Lincoln and Grant are "justified," and the final boss: Mt. Rushmore. Finally we chat about the tensions and intersections between decolonization and revolutionary communism. Please support some of the political prisoners we discussed in the episode: Red Dawn Fallis: Justice for Clifton White: Justice for Scott Williams: Show notes: NYT "Free Land" program: Trump's Mt. Rushmore event: Standing With Standing Rock book Closing song: Stand Up Standing Rock

In this edition of Vampire Castle, Jamie and Leslie discuss two coming-of-ageless films: Tomas Alfredson's Let The Right One In (2008) and Neil Jordan's Byzantium (2012) aka Ladybird II. If you are turned as a teen, do you stay an asshole forever or do you eventually grow up? How is Sweden so lovely yet so terrifying? And why do vamps always say they can't be friends with you right before they fall in love with you for all eternity? Listen on for answers to these and other bloodsucking questions. Theme music: Intellectual Darkwave Become a patron today at

While the most riotous moments of the George Floyd Uprising have past, in parts of the country renewed attention to police tyranny continues to lead to clashes. LA Podcast co-host Scott Frazier joins us to talk about the struggle in Los Angeles, specifically against its massive Sheriff's Dept (LASD) now in the spotlight for horrific acts of violence following the discovery of Robert Fuller, a black man dead from hanging, in Palmdale California. After immediately ruling the death a suicide with no evidence, LASD killed Fuller's half brother Terron Boone. And last week they inexplicably killed 18 year old Andres Guardado, a security guard working out of their jurisdiction. Then they removed the cameras. We talk about the history of LASD and the broader context of riots and political struggle and racism in Los Angeles. We also tell some fun LA Stories! Show notes: Man found hanging in Manhattan park: LASD gangs: LASD prisons and COVID: Garcetti's anti-homeless street sweeps:

Andy speaks with Alex Edward (@flieldy), co-host of the Minion Death Cult podcast and Seattle resident, about life in the CHAZ/CHOP/Antifastan/Soyviet Union, providing fodder for the cursed boomer media of which Alex is normally but a passive connoisseur. Jamie speaks with Matt Marciniec (@Mattceinicram) about Justice Frontline Aid (@aid_justice), a mutual aid project in Minneapolis that's helping liberated use values find their way to people who need them. Sean and Jamie wrap it up with some commentary, NPR style. Donate via PayPal to CHOP demands: Music: Danny and the Junions - At the Hop Vic Mensa - 16 Shots

In this very special edition of the Antifada, Jamie, Sean and Andy take questions from listeners. How do we envision a world without police? What will our lives be like after the rev? And what exactly went on at the parties Jamie used to throw? Thanks x1000 to everyone for helping us keep this circus running. Sorry if we didn't get to your question, we will hop on Twitch and answer more questions soon!

Around the world and back again, episode 100 of the Antifada! And what better circumstances under which to record an release than the largest national uprising in several generations? Jamie, Sean and Andy analyze the revolt that has arisen since the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis: the connection between the carceral state and crisis; the racial caste system that divides us and benefits the rich; the reaction on the streets of Minneapolis; the meaning of abolition; and what to make of America in the age of riots. Tune in for our on the ground account of what's been happening on the streets of NYC. Intro - Assault on Precinct 13 Title Theme Outro - Afrika Bambaataa & Family - Bambaataa's Theme Special bonus Q&A episode for patrons later this week -

Recorded before things really popped off last week, Sean was joined by returning champion Andy Battle and co-host of Ironweeds podcast, David A Banks. We hope this wide ranging discussion of capitalist space, de/unionization, de/industrialization, supply chains, gentrification, uneven development and class struggle will be an oasis of calm as you righteously take the streets where you are and then [REDACTED]. Outro - Bruce Springsteen: Hungry Heart Check out - Ironweeds @ironweedspod / Follow - Andy @bolobattle / David @DA_Banks

We Twitch-streamed Friday afternoon to discuss the events Thursday night in Minneapolis with Ghetto News Network's Cole Cash, Leslie Lee III of Struggle Session, and Rob Rousseau of 49th Parahell. We talked everything from the political economic origins of the protests, Cointelpro, white supremacy and interracial struggle, and if revolution is on the way. We cut this into a podcast to spare our Patrons the boomer-level audio/and video quality, available here: The full stream is also available on Twitch:

Winnie Wong (@WaywardWinifred), former Senior Advisor to the Bernie Sanders campaign, stops by to talk anarchism, electoralism, & why Bernie didn't win. :( The gang also reminisces about New York nightlife (s/o Andrew WK) and Winnie tries to talk Jamie into running for office. Outro music: Gang Gang Dance - MindKilla

(Crosspost from an episode Sean and Tarence did for those who missed it.) Introducing Year Zero, a new miniseries on political economy hosted by Tarence. In this first episode we speak with Sean KB (@as_a_worker on twitter)from the Antifada podcast (@the_antifada) about what he terms The Thousand Year Stare: the specific feeling one unlocks by reading Giovanni Arrighi's "The Long Twentieth Century." We'll be using the book to discuss the chaotic times in which we live, but don't worry: you don't have to have read it to follow along in the conversation. You just have to be willing to face the past, present, and future with a perfected thousand year stare...

For the full episode and all our bonuse content: History is a Weapon, Vampire Castle, and access to our Discord Community, become a Patron today at This edition of the Antifada sideproject on the paranormal, parapolitical, sci-fi conspiracy theories and space tackles the newest autonomous branch of the US Military: SPACE FORCE. Is it some Trumpian flight-of-fancy, a Bezos/Musk money grab, or a doomsday plan for astro-nuclear American hegemony? I talk to Bruce K Gagnon, a lifelong activist against the militarization of space, for a perspective on what Space Force is and how to fight back. Before that, my audio essay "The Plot Against Space," also textually published on the Pluto Books blog. And listen to the end to hear Breht O'Shea of Rev Left Radio read an excerpt from the introduction of my book I WANT TO BELIEVE: J. Posadas, UFOs, and Apocalypse Communism, now available from major retailers and with a 20% discount using code POSADAS20. For the full episode and all our bonuse content: History is a Weapon, Vampire Castle, and access to our Discord Community, become a Patron today at

Returning guest Hether Fortune (@hetherrfortune) joins Jamie for a super chill music and culture episode to get your mind off the ongoing apocalypse. After the prerequisite quar talk, the gals discuss kittens, Gary Busey, Lena Dunham, and the odious offspring of everyone's favorite thin-skinned billionaire and his biomechanical child bride. Last but certainly not least, the gals discuss Fiona Apple's tour de force fifth studio album "Fetch the Bolt Cutters" and why Fiona's fearless truth-telling is a balm for our souls in these uncertain times. Intro/interstitial: Fiona Apple - Shameika Closing: Fiona Apple - Ladies Check out Hether's various projects at

Time for Ultra-Left-Post-Posadist-Nihilist-Anarcho-Communist-comedy and politics. Hosts Jamie Peck and AP Andy look at the future of work at a rare moment when almost nobody is working. Magally Miranda surveys domestic work in the gig economy. Annie McClanahan reflects on how the Covid-19 pandemic has made us all more aware of supply-chains and provision networks, not of their largeness but rather their intimacy, the human labor whereby goods move hand to hand to hand. (“Now,” says a friend, “I can’t stop thinking about all the hands that touched everything I buy.”) Aaron Benanav looks at the effects of automation. Will the rise of the robots free us? Will a guaranteed income allow us to work less and enjoy the fruits of leisure? Or will we be under-employed—pushed into doing tasks like dog-walking or assembling IKEA shelves—tasks that the rich used to do for themselves but can now hire others to do for a pittance? Show notes: Watch the entire talk here: Part 1 of Aaron's article on Automation for New Left Review: Magally Miranda's domestic workers inquiry in Viewpoint: Annie McClanahan talking about the Working Day at Red May 2018: Red May is an annual monthlong series of discussions, lectures, book releases, and actions taking place across Seattle. Watch upcoming livestreams and donate to help them recoup some of their losses and keep organizing for next year at and Closing song: Kraftwerk - We are the Robots

Sean and Matt take a look around the American landscape - from the pandemic, to the economic collapse, to the failing political system - and discuss how the hell we got here and what the hell we might expect going forward. Whether it's the coming climate disaster or the incipient crack-up of US power, one thing is for sure: there's no way out now but through it! To listen to the remainder of this episode and the rest of our excellent bonus content, become a patron today at

Jamie and Sean speak with Asad Haider (@generalityiii), editor at Viewpoint Magazine and author of "Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump" about depoliticization, the left post-Bernie, and that eternal question, "what is to be done?" Contains spicy (read: nuanced and informed) takes on "mass politics" vs "subcultural politics," the necessity of abolishing markets, the party question, and our favorite thing besides communism, punk rock. Further reading: Jamie and Andy will be moderating a panel for Red May (virtual edition) entitled "Corona Virus and the Future of Work" w/ Aaron Benanav, Magally Miranda and Annie McClanahan on Thursday, May 7 at 9pm ET! Watch here: Outro music: The Ramones - "I'm Against It"

With China in the news lately, the Sean, Dick and Nate decided to dive deep into the history and political economy of East Asia with an eye towards how the fates of China and the United States became so intertwined: Why did China decline as a historic world power? What role did imperialism play? Why was Japan's development different? How did the balance of class forces determine the unique road that China took to great power status? And why did Mao's Chinese Communist Party arise as it did when it did? This first part of the series covers the history of China from the ancient period up to 1949 revolution. The next (to be released in several weeks) will examine the developmental regime up until the historic convergence of the Chinese and American economies in the 1990s. The concluding episode will situate the recent trade wars, the Belt and Road initiative, and the rise of China as a world capitalist power at the expense of American hegemony. Stay tuned! Theme: Frank Crumit - Tale of the Ticker Outro: Carsick Cars - Zhi Yuan De Ren

In this edition of Vampire Castle, Jamie and Leslie discuss the 1997-2003 TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Become a patron at to unlock this and all other premium content!

To celebrate the release this week of AP Andy's I WANT TO BELIEVE: J. Posadas, UFOs, and Apocalypse Communism, we've unlocked one of our favorite bonus episodes from 2018. Along with head propagandist of the Intergalactic Workers' League - Posadist, Comrade Communicator, we read one of Posadas's unpublished essays that Andy discovered in archives: "On the Function of the Joke in History." Antifada fans can get a 20% discount on the book using code POSADAS20 from the Pluto Website. For more Real ___ Hours episodes, and all back episodes of History is a Weapon, Vampire Castle, and Proletkult, please support us on Patreon.

We subject our brains to more Sp!king as we read through some recent hits. For the full episode become a patron at

Trashifada continues with a deep dive on the origin of the Koch-funded British anti-PC-hysteria-hysteria blog Sp!ked. We go through their origins in seventies Trotskyism to the bizarre posh ultraleftism in the eighties until they emerged as the magazine Living Marxism, famous for satirizing the nanny state and denying the genocide of Bosnian Muslims. From there they formed the Institute of Ideas, a collection of tiny front groups that have helped them along to mainstream media prominence. But to what ends? We offer a range of theories. Listen this Friday for a Bonus Real Sp!ked hours to hear some hot takes on goths, Karen-bashing, and Jimmy Saville. Support the show at Follow us on Twitch! Follow Alice and Riley and Trash Future Jenny Turner's fantastic essay on Institute of Ideas: Account of RCP's political shift in the eighties: Brendan on Dave Rubin calling himself a Marxist Libertarian: Songs: Whistling in the Dark and Come out Fighting by Easterhouse

It's a Trash-a-Fada crossover extravaganza! We had a delightful discussion with Alice, Riley and Milo of TrashFuture about labour organising at the end of the world, and then we venture back into the mind of Toby Young as he weighs the lives of the British public against a feather and decides if they live or die to appease the great and powerful Economy. Listen to TF: Follow TF: @trashfuturepod

Jacobin columnist and Four Futures: Life after Capitalism author Peter Frase indulges us in some speculation about the world of tomorrow--which will be anything but a return to "normal." Those changes will be dependent on type of class and ideological struggles that emerge in the next several months. With exterminationism looming around the ideology of "scarcity and hierarchy," it is up to us to imagine what kind of better reality might come out of this dark moment. Frase's article from Jacobin, the Party of Death: Please support us on Patreon! Closing song: Gun Club - Death Party

Amanda from Twitter Dot Com (@catcontentonly) was kind enough to break quarantine to sit down with Sean and discuss the politics of pandemic. How has the COVID-19 virus affected life in NYC? How seriously are people taking it compared to how seriously they should? How come our president is calling it The Chinese Virus? How is anti-Chinese xenophobia attached to the larger dynamic of power politics in a globalized capitalist world? Follow Amanda: @catcontentonly Outro: Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm

Teen Vogue politics editor Lucy Diavolo joins us to discuss what will hopefully be the story of this crisis: neighbors organizing themselves into mutual aid networks to support each other against the virus and the capitalist system's attempts to profit from the disorder. We talk about the concept of mutual aid historically, how it's emerged in the last 15 years in the front lines of disaster relief, and some of the new ways its emerging in these early days of the pandemic. There's a lot to cover, but we talk about grocery funds and distribution, food pantries, rent strikes, squatting, childcare, self-care, and much more. Then we talk a bit about the philosophy of mutual aid: does it provide an image of a better world, or just help us survive through the collapse of civilization? Find Lucy's work @SatansJacuzzi or on Teen Vogue: Her article we discuss: Also see: and their Mutual Aid Safety Guide Article in Commune about Rent Strike and disaster relief: Vacant homes seized in LA: IGD round-up of mutual aid initiatives: LA Tenants Union demands: Sex Worker Organizing Project mutual aid fund: -Black and Pink penpal signup: Anarchist Black Cross guide to letter writing: DSA grocery fund: Unity and Separation from Endnotes 4: Closing song: Devendra Banhart and Beck - Life During Wartime

In the second half of this two-part episode, Dick, Nate and Sean conclude their discussion of the Coronavirus pandemic and financial crisis. With people in the United States and around the world facing the serious consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic fallout, we decided to throw together an emergency podcast to try to analyze the political economy of this perilous moment. Why is the Coronavirus a particularly capitalist plague? How has it ruptured communities and economies across the globe? In what way is the contemporary financial panic connected to the health crisis? What underlying tendencies within the economy have emerged and what is the prognosis for the American and international working class? When we come out of this crisis - and we WILL come out of it - how can we hope to institutionalize any gains we might make in terms of housing, work, and income? N.b. - We have some information about what you can personally do to keep yourself and your loved ones and your community safe in this time, but please please please take your direction from health professionals and follow social distancing protocols for the good of yourself and those around you. We will continue making content through the course of this crisis. Our hearts, and our solidarity, are with each and every one of you! Links: On shale production in the United States: On commercial debt and credit markets: IMF on the economic outlook BEFORE the pandemic: Michael Roberts' analysis: Follow Dick @dickophrenic and Nate @postcyborg on twitter and read their blog: Intro/outro theme: Stereolab - Ping Pong