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Mind Over Media New York
Mind Over Media New York


Ajeé, Trinity, Xavier and Shakielia are four friends from New York City who share their unique perspectives regarding real-world concepts, pop culture and top news stories reflected in all forms of today's media on their weekly podcast, Mind Over Media. HOTLINE: (516) 584-3024 Contact: mindovermediany@gmail.com

  • Growth is a Beautiful Thing
    Xavier has experienced a revelation...
  • The Hunnid-Mill Hypothetical
    Baecations with someone new, "singing in cursive" and of course... the hunnid-mill hypothetical.
  • What About Your Friends?
    This week, we're talking "friendship"... what it means, what we have, and how we can make it better.
  • Don't Go Broke Tryna Look Rich
    Don't Go Broke Tryna Look Rich by Mind Over Media New York
  • But When You Hit Me With Your Car...
    Get into these throwbacks! Reminiscing on some of the inappropriate content we consumed as kids...
  • Ignorance is Bliss
    High anxiety dealing with strangers in NYC, This is America, BET diagnosis and more...
  • The Artist vs. The Art
    Can you separate the two?
  • The Do's and Don'ts
    The Do's and Don'ts by Mind Over Media New York
  • Silicone and Adulting
    Ya gotta do it right.
  • Communication is Key
    This week it's all about the roles of men and women on Valentine's Day, the importance of communication and just a litttle bit of mess. Tune in!
  • Question Number 4
    This week it's all about "walking in the spirit of a wife", body count and Tinder...
  • How Many Times?
    This week Ajeé, Trinity and Xavier discuss being tried by rude strangers out in public. Then, the discussion moves to the topic of TV concerning their own specific viewing habits/preferences and more. Tune in!
  • Timing is Everything
    Ajeé, Trinity, Xavier and Shakielia discuss marriage and having kids from their perspective(s) as adults in their early 20's. Also, everyone discusses one particular New Year's resolution that they all share in common...
  • Wrap It Up, Den! 2017 Edition
    A year in review... Happy holidays, from Mind Over Media.
  • I Know You See It!
    This week we discuss dating someone who has no social media, whether or not you should give someone you just met your real home address, making new friends and more!
  • It Ain't Trickin' If You Got It
    It really ain't, though.
  • Shoutout to Everybody... I Had FUN
    Don't share toothbrushes or take 60 second showers. Certain things are just worth the money.
  • How You Gonna Act Like That?
    Takeoff is in our thoughts, Tyrese is on one, and U Hart took out the white trash.
  • Bury Me in Bloody Shoes!
    A quick peek into NYC life, a quick recap of the Hip Hop Awards and more!
  • No. 9
    Cardi B makes history, and everything else is just a mess.