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Talk about current events, Pop Culture, and everything in between.
This week we talk about losing the legend Aretha Franklin, finally getting a conviction on a cop for killing an unarmed black person, professional sports leagues setting different rules for black athletes, Kanye West Interview/"apology" and more! Follow us on Twitter! @Braxtonbrowniii @Tiasi01 @Hoodie_Stylin

This week we're talking about why this new wave of Emo rap has become so popular, the new HBO show Random acts of flyness, Year anniversary of Charlottesville protest and more! Follow the tweets! @Braxtonbrowniii @Tiasi01 @hoodie_stylin

We're Back! This week we're talking about the added mental and physiological stress of what it's like being black in today's America, and dealing with microagressions almost constantly. Find us on twitter! @braxtonbrowniii @tiasi01 @hoodie_stylin

This week we have a guest join to talk, TV talk(Power, Game of Thrones), Jay Z Moonlight Video. touch on the google diversity memo and more! Interview with Alan Yang about Moonlight Video Google employee diversity Memo

This week we talk about the Breakfast club interview with lil duval, The possibility of HBO show Confederate, and more! Link to Janet Mock Essay on Breakfast club (also has link to interview with lil duval)

This week we talk about Insecure, Relationships, Rick Ross Comments, OJ out on parole and more!

This week we talk about new Game of Thrones, Mike Vick comments on Colin Kaepernick, R Kelly Cult, and the police shooting in Minnesota

This week we talk about black twitter reactions to brunch, deray mckesson comments, sammy sosa skin bleaching, our grandma's surprising DNA results

This Week we talk about the new Hov album, Rob Kardashian meltdown, and more!

This week we talk about Rihanna's new fling, Serena Williams,Cosby Trial, Philando Castile Murder, Unexpected AirDrops and more!

This week we make corrections from last pod, talk Amber Rose, NBA finals, Auntie Talk, color purple slander and more!

This week we talk about Reality Winner (or loser), BIll Maher, Chris' china trip,Rihanna, NBA Finals and more. Check out Chris' text book cover photo here Check out my music selection BrockHampton on Spotify/Apple Music or one of their latest music videos

This week we talk about the show Dear White People, light skinned privilege, Jordan Edwards, Joe Budden & happiness, Obama getting paid, and more

This week we talk about Steve Stevens, Aaron Hernandez, Taking care of your mental health, Bill O'Reilly's exit from fox, Carmelo and LaLa, New Kendrick Lamar album and more!

This week we decided to do a special episode to talk to one of Chris’ friends heavily involved and a part of the LGBTQ community. Marie McGwier grew up with Chris in Columbia South Carolina and recently was on the cover of Time Magazine for their issue on Gender Identity and the changing meaning of gender and sexuality.

This week we talk about the joys of being petty, #BlackWomenAtWork, "On site" candidates, Kendrick Lamar new track, America rewarding the ignorant and more!

This week we talk about More Life, Can you cheat and be in love, Duke losses bring everybody together, Steve Harvey Comments, Samuel L Comments, Twitter obsession with the ATL Orgy and more.

Grammy Talk, Kanye rants, The life of Pedro, The People vs OJ

Back for 2016 talking about new cities, Kanye/wiz beef, relationship woes, Superbowl talk,

This week we talk about Caitlyn Jenner, Game of Thrones, Facebook posts and more.