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Amy Harrison shares winning tips and techniques for the beginning to intermediate-level online marketer. If you want to succeed as a digital marketer, but don't yet know enough to put all the pieces together, Amy has your back.
Big changes are afoot – tune in to find out more … There are important changes and updates that you need to know about … Tune in to find out Why today s show is an intermission What to do next to make sure you don t miss Act Two The Show Notes Click here now to... Listen to episode

With an array of content mediums to choose from, which ones will work best for you and your business? I ll be sharing my personal experience and helping you evaluate the main content choices that are available to help you market your business and sell what you do. What s at risk if you don t play to... Listen to episode

Today we re talking about the power of contrast in your copywriting. Painting a bleak picture of what your customer s life looks like without your product, and the rainbow and unicorn universe they can live in with your product. Of course I m kidding. However, there are some specific areas where the power of contrast can sell... Listen to episode

In this episode I m going to give you a crash course with tips on the kind of content you can create when launching a new product or service, to build buzz and anticipation around said service. What s the danger if you launch a product without launch content? Why can t you just throw your product out... Listen to episode

Today we re talking about how to use copywriting and content techniques to make your readers and customers feel close to you, your brand and business. How can you make them feel like part of a special insider club without excluding new people? Crack this and you ll build a loyal fan base who stay tuned to... Listen to episode

Today s episode asks the question: When it comes to marketing, what s in a name? Does it really matter what you call your products and services? Well … yes it does. And Hit Publish is here to help. Welcome back to another show! In this episode I walk you through a creative, but practical process for... Listen to episode

On this week s episode we re going to look at how to craft a high-converting sign-up page for your email newsletter. You re going to hear tips from conversion experts as well as a Hit Publish Proof segment from someone whose sign-up page converts 15-20 new sign-ups every day. For most small to medium online businesses, adding... Listen to episode

Today we are harnessing the power of publications that pull in millions of readers every single day and asking — how do they do it? How do media organisations like newspapers present information in a way that gets people s attention time after time? The answer lies in the powerful story angles and themes that pique... Listen to episode

We re studying a framework for creating content that helps your customer convert from a prospect into a sale (particularly on your website). And a NEW show segment … Today we re talking content and numbers. Specifically we re going to break down the 10/20/10 rule for creating web content that converts. It s a simple set of numbers... Listen to episode

Success stories, aren t just testimonials from happy clients. They re a strategic tool for persuading prospects and standing out from your competitors. And even if you don t (yet) have thousands of happy customers you should still be developing your Success Story System today. Testimonials work. But even better than testimonials, are the Success Stories that come... Listen to episode

It s a special episode of Hit Publish featuring an interview with Joe Pulizzi, founder of The Content Marketing Institute and author of Content Inc. He gives you practical advice for attracting and building an audience around your business in 2016. Best of all, it might surprise you to discover that what you really need to... Listen to episode

If you find the idea of planning out your future content overwhelming and frustrating, today s show is for you. What should you create? What goals should you set? What channels should you use? All and more will be revealed Welcome to 2016! On the last show we looked at reviewing your previous content, and so... Listen to episode

It s the last Hit Publish episode for 2015 so what better time to look back at all you ve done and set yourself up for success in 2016 by doing a content audit. And we ll be having mince pies, games and merriment as I throw a little party. Do say you ll join us! Today is a... Listen to episode

Customer profiles are useful for writing content that connects, compels, and persuades your reader. But how much do you need to know about your target market? Why do many customer profiles fail and once you ve filled in a customer profile, how do you actually use it to write great content? All and more on today s... Listen to episode

Writing great headlines is hard work, but that doesn t mean creating them can t be fun … This week I m going to be sharing with you one of my favorite tools for coming up with strong specific statements that sell the value of what you do in a succinct fashion. I love it not least because... Listen to episode

People love and trust experts, but sometimes being an expert in your content field actually makes it harder for your customer to accept your offer. Here s how to make sure that doesn t happen. Today I want to talk to you about the perils of being an expert and how that can have a detrimental effect... Listen to episode

Guest Posting is a content marketing strategy that pays dividends. It can open doors, generate sales, attract clients and build your credibility. But you need to make sure you re not making these mistakes before you jump right in … This week we are talking about the power of guest posting as part of your content... Listen to episode

Does your website content build a strong like, know, and trust bond to your visitors in just seconds? If not, you may be missing one or more of these 7 key elements. This week we re talking about first impressions. More specifically, when someone in your target market visits your site, do they have the vital... Listen to episode

Have you ever felt as though you re giving it your all when writing about your products or services, but readers (ones you know would make perfect customers) just don t seem to get it ? You could be falling foul of the blank stare – here s how to avoid it. This week we re tackling a very frustrating... Listen to episode

If you ve ever written content and wondered how long should it be and what should I include? this episode is for you. This week we re talking about how long your content should be. How much information do you need to give your reader to encourage them to sign up, buy, get in touch or take... Listen to episode