We Build SG LIVE
Chinmay and Sayanee
We Build SG LIVE - A live conversation with geeks in town on building, learning and sharing!
Introduction [2:18] SingaporeCSS Meetup Cookies Saas CSS in large web apps [7:31] !important rule reset css normalize css jquery CSS grid CSS floats CSS flex-box grunt gulp webpack cascade atomic css smacss BEM CSS Modules Harry Roberts CSS with Namespaces bootstrap yandex talk.css prettify nano xkcd regular expressions CSS autoprefixer caniuse kerning variable fonts serifs color fonts Rapid Fire [38:45] modem sound explaination nano rss css-tricks My First Carcassonne Civilisation React swift I/O Polling audience questions [44:47] webpack grunt gulp Picks [47:00] TED Radio Hour Meltdown and Spectre Makefile The Next Billion Seconds Genevieve Bell Event Loop - Local events [51:06] Infosec in the City Hack and Roll Talk.CSS max-content edition 🔥 Talk.CSS max-content edition JS Conf FOSS Asia SingaporeCSS Meetup Electric Plug – Connect with Chris [59:58] Chris’s Twitter Chris’s Tumblr Singapore CSS Gitter KopiJS

Introduction [0:42] Hackware Edgis-Security Cybersecurity Awareness Alliance Div0 Cybersecurity awareness [4:44] SQL Injection Access Control Cryptography Penetration Testing Emil’s Twitter Coursera Udemy edX Khan Academy Coursera Cryptography Course Applied Cryptography National Cybersecurity Strategy Personal Data Protection General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR PDPC Guidelines Responsible Disclosure Bug Bounties SingCert Rapid Fire [40:00] Hearthstone Exploding Kittens The Oatmeal Packet Squirrel Battlestar Galactica Div0 Python Defcon Picks [44:15] Keybase.io PGP MIT PGP Server resin.io Security Now Telegram Bots xkcd - Python Div0 November 2017 Meetup We Build SG Event Loop - Local events [49:28] Geekcamp.sg JSConf.asia Div0 November 2017 Meetup Infosec in the City Joe Fitz Joe Fitz on the Amp Hour Infosec in the City - tickets Electric Plug – Connect with Emil [55:13] Emil’s Twitter

Introduction [1:31] Viki Responsive Web Design Data Visualisation SASS Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)[2:58] Scalable Vector Graphics XML CSS Replacement SMIL CSS Animation SVG and CSS SVG g tag SVG Path SVG Icon Fonts Icon Fonts Image Sprites SVG Sprites New Zealand Visual Itinerary Sarah Drasner Huggy Laser Pandas - SVG Game Snap.svg Embeding SVGs Canvas d3-js Adobe Illustrator Inkscape Sketch App Green Sock Animation (GSAP) Zell Liew SVG OMG SVGO Species in Pieces SVG 2.0 The SVG 2 Conundrum Mesh Gradient SVG Working Group IETF 100 New Zealand Visual Itinerary MapBox First do it, then do it right.. Rapid Fire [40:13] Hui Jing’s Twitter Zell Liew Rachel Andrews Jen Simmons Chris Lilley Aysha’s Twitter Rise of the Tomb Raider Python Grace of Kings talkCSS Javascript Ghibli museum Freesound Picks [46:09] Skills Future Credit NLB Mobile app Nutrition Diva Podcast High School Trignometry Love You To Bits Monument Valey Becoming a Supple Leopard A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Grace of Kings Event Loop - Local events [57:23] iOS Conf SG Geek Brunch Geek Camp Becoming a Tech Conference Speaker Mobile Era IETF 100 Electric Plug – Connect with Aysha [59:25] Aysha’s Blog Aysha’s Codepen Aysha’s Twitter

Introduction [1:26] Blockchain TenX Smart Nation Fellowship Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain and decentralization[5:22] Satoshi Bitcoin Distributed Ledger Consensus Litecoin Ethereum Solidity Smart Contracts Self Sovereign Identity Indorse Decentralized autonomous organization Bitcoin Energy Consumption Proof of Work Proof of Stake Initial Coin Offering Golem Scammed by a Slackbot Scams getting worse JavaScript Rust Webuild SG on Rust with Flaki EC2 Bitcoin Full Node vs Lightweight Nodes testrpc BlockFolio CoinCap TenX Wallet - Android & iOS uPort COMIT Network I/O Polling audience questions [39:45] Ethereum Development Solidity Rapid Fire [43:58] Sublime Text Hacker News Reddit Starcraft Cubetto Rust Mr. Robot Promises async/await Picks [47:50] Bats Overcast.fm uBlox Get it done guy Hook Coffee StandardJS Airbnb Javascript Style Guide Airbnb rules for eslint Event Loop - Local events [54:32] Mozilla Developer Roadshow Wordcamp Singapore 2017 Electric Plug – Connect with U-Zyn [55:33] U-Zyn’s Website U-Zyn’s Github Bitcoin Singapore Ethereum Singapore

Introduction [0:36] Mozillian Tripe Soup Budapest Mozilla Tech Speaker Rustacean Rust Programming Language[4:17] Rust 1.0 Rust in 2010 Where the rust name came from Servo Graydon Hoare Ocaml Rust in Firefox Rust at Dropbox Rust at npm Rust Foreign Function Interface Rust From the Back to the Front Rust fmt prettier standardjs eslint atom-rust Intellij Rust cargo npm make x86 in Rust toml History of Rust Rust Code of Conduct Rust Reddit Rust IRC #rust-beginners Rust Conf Rust Fest Berlin Rust Fest Kyiv Rust Fest Zurich Rust Belt Rust System programming language Zero cost abstractions What do Rust’s buzzwords like “safe” and “zero-cost abstraction” mean Redox I/O Polling audience questions [40:32] Rust on microcontrollers TS100 Soldering Iron Rust on TS100 Tock OS RFCs for Rust Rust Ownership non-lexical lifetime Rapid Fire [46:34] vi twitter Pandemic Legacy Nintendo Switch Web VR Day Dream Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies Javascript Arch Linux Picks [49:48] Pesto Rosso Mangosteen Rescue Time Bluetooth Door Lock Ubertooth One The Amp Hour Chris Gammel Dave Jones Art Science Museum Into the Wild Rust Fest Rust Fest Mozilla Developer Roadshow Electric Plug – Connect with Flaki [57:26] Fronteers Clouduboy Flaki’s Twitter Flaki’s Github

Introduction [0:29] Haoyi’s Blog Haoyi’s Github Scala Programming Language Haoyi’s Patreon for Ammonite Scala Programming Language[3:09] Java Virtual Machine OCaml Haskell Immutable Type Inference Dynamic Language Java Profilers Perl Java Performance SCSS Rust GWT Compiler PyCharm WingIDE Wart of the Scala Programming language Scala Center at EPFL Intellij SBT Maven Setup Tools npm Gulp Gradle ivy coursier Sonatype wart remover scala reform scala fmt Ammonite Spark Scala REPL iPython Ammonite Source scala.js Tessel React.js Typescript Scala-js Facades Scala nightly builds Scala 3.0 (dotty) Scala-native Scala Users Forum Scala Contrubtors Forum Scala Native Gitter Scala JS Gitter Scala Gitter I/O Polling audience questions [42:32] scikit learn pandas nd4s Spark Play Framework Ammonite Shell Picks [45:04] OpenScope MZ Breadboard Power Supply Deep Work Eastern Coastal Loop Event Loop [53:48] Singapore Scala Programmers Meetup MakerFaire Singapore Electric Plug – Connect with Haoyi [55:53] Haoyi’s Github Haoyi’s Blog Haoyi’s Talks

Introduction [0:40] Tape-drive Magentic Tape Stepper motor Analog Servo Time domain analyzer Microcontroller PCB OrCAD PCAD PADS Sound Card Synthesizer Card Kurzweil Video Compact Disc Test Jig In-Circuit Testing Functional Circuit Testing Design for Manufacturability[17:40] EDN IEEE Spectrum Quality Control Quality Assurance Schematic Capture Datasheet Component Selection I/O Polling audience questions [36:37] FPGA Test Driven Development PCB Design mil vs mm Footprint Linear Technologies Texas Instruments Analog Devices National Semiconductors Picks [45:04] Seeed Studio DFM Guide Android Auto Apple CarPlay ESP32 Baoshi Baoshi’s WeBuild Live Episode Baoshi’s talk on ESP32 Event Loop [48:55] MakerFaire Singapore 2017 Hackware Meetup Hackware talk by high school students making satellites Hackware talk about making DIY loudspeaker Hackware talk by an iOS developer on HomeKit Hackware talk by high school students about making a rail gun Electric Plug – Connect with Adnan [51:06] Adnan’s Facebook

Introduction [0:29] Hackerweb Life BusRouter SG RailRouter SG TaxiRouter SG Building Web Apps[3:28] Progressive Web Apps AJAX FTP DevTools JSON prefetch WAP Responsive Design Tree View Accessibility Web Geolocation WebComponents ReactJS VueJS Minification Redux MooTools jQuery Prototype Ember Rails BackboneJS Adobe AIR Adobe AIR Encrypted Localstorage nodejs Adobe AIR Electron Vendor Prefix Zeit Guillermo Rauch SocketIO nextjs Heroku now Guillermo Rauch on Nodeup Podcast hyper I/O Polling audience questions [34:43] Generic Sensor API Battery Status API Web Bluetooth React Native HackerWeb iOS App ESP8266 Offline First WebNotification API Rapid Fire questions [44:26] Hackernews Chinese Checkers 360 Camera nextjs kopijs Gentoo Picks [46:17] Headspace You are not to smart podcast You are not to smart blog slidown Deckset hacker-news-pwas lighthouse web page test ToDo MVC Event Loop [53:06] WebConf TechInAsia Conference KopiJS Electric Plug – Connect with Chee Aun [58:25] Chee Aun’s Twitter Chee Aun’s Github Chee Aun’s Website

Introduction [1:13] Fedora Debian Computer Security[4:37] 2013 Singapore cyber-attacks SSL Threat Modeling Crown Jewels punycode Incident Response Elastic Search Kibana R Python We Build Live with Rahul Clustering Random Forest Machine Learning Adversarial Machine Learning Metasploit Penetration Testing Vulnerability Analysis Malware Reverse Engineering Mr. Robot OWASP Top 10 Coverity Static Analysis Fuzzers Android Update Security Vulnerability R for Data Science MIT Maths courses Stanford Machine Learning course I/O Polling audience questions [31:53] Personally identifiable information (PII) Risk Assessment Ransomware Rapid Fire questions [43:33] Eugene’s Following List Road Fighter MIFARE card writer R PyData-SG Debian Picks [45:42] Udemy Skills Future Courses Skills Future Credits Linux Kernel Podcast Jon Masters PortAudio covert.io Papers We Love Event Loop [50:13] GopherCon MakerFaire Singapore PyData-SG Null Security DevSecOps Electric Plug – Connect with Eugene [52:30] Eugene’s Twitter Eugene’s Blog Eugene’s Following List

Introduction [1:34] Green Issues by Agy Upcycling Making with textiles[4:17] Slow Clothing Synthetic Fabric Sewing Machine Screen Printing Sewing Supplies in People’s Park Centre, Chinatown ArtFriend Spotlight Sewing Needles Embroidery Daring Woven Fabric Jersey Fabric Thimble Unpicker Needle threader Straight stitch ZigZag stitch Haberdashery Your Sewing Thread Under A Microscope Polyester Threads Kinstugi Kinstugi inspired trousers Arduino Lilypad Accelerometer Conductive Thread Conductive fabric Saree’s with gold threads Natural Dye I/O Polling audience questions [31:00] Hand Spinning Wool 80 billion pieces of clothing Textile Waste generated in Singapore Microplastics from synthetic fabrics polluting water Rapid Fire questions [38:24] Make Magazine Instructables Embroidery hoop Natural Dye Repair Kopitiam textile arts center Picks [40:35] Camping Decathalon Kapton Tape Aliexpress Dharma Trading Bobbin Event Loop [45:59] GopherCon.SG FOSSASIA Singapore AUV Challenge MakerFaire Singapore Singapore Design Week Upcycle with Batik Restyle Your Wardrobe Workshop Electric Plug – Connect with Agatha [49:57] Green Issues by Agy Agatha’s Facebook Agatha’s Instagram Agatha’s Twitter

Introduction [0:52] Sau Sheong’s Books Sau Sheong’s Book on Go Go programming language[3:81] Go lang Rob Pike Ken Thomson ALGOL go routines static typing go lint go format go 1.8 go gcc go test go test benchmarking gorilla beego go 1.8 change log go mobile I/O Polling audience questions [24:36] rust jvm Rapid Fire questions [31:38] textmate Robert Heinlein Stranger in a Strange Land The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress GoSG Picks [34:37] Escher’s World of Wonder Gödel, Escher, Bach Si5351 Body Weight Exercises Origami Design Secrets Origami Mathematics of Origami Event Loop [41:11] Gophercon Singapore William Kennedy Rob Griesemer Dave Cheney Gophercon Singapore Tickets FOSSASIA Singapore AUV Challenge Electric Plug – Connect with Sau Sheong [47:03] Sau Sheong’s Twitter Sau Sheong’s Github

Introduction [0:49] NUSHackers Overseas Family School Computer Network Infrastructure [3:81] Xirrus multi-radio Access Points 802.11ac WiFi Cell Beamforming Network Switch SNMP Ubiquiti Quality of Service DSCP Asterix Layer 2 Ethernet QOS IP QOS Icinga nagios catci stp Network architecture DNS Go Python rrdtool graphana influxdb Network operations center HackerNews r/sysadmin r/netsec NANOG RFC Interconnections by Perlman Computer Networks by Tannenbaum Resource Location Protocol Service Location Protocol Bonjour autoconf zeroconf I/O Polling audience questions [31:56] Apple Airport Extreme Mikrotik Routerboard Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite PCEngines Hairpin NAT FQ CoDel DD-WRT Denial of Service Open Net IPv6 IPv4 NAT CGNAT USB-Serial Dongle Rapid Fire questions [40:45] emacs vim reddit HackerNew CodeNames Factorio Rust Starship Troopers Papers We Love Picks[51:34] Mi Band Apple Watch KiCad KiCad Info EFM32 Hacker’s Delight Event Loop [47:53] Hackware v2.7 : IOT Special FOSSAsia Electric Plug – Connect with Rahul [49:13] Rahul’s Twitter Rahul’s Github Deurchin Whee hyv

Introduction [1:39] Hackware OpenROV Dyson Mechanical Engineering [3:43] Fluid Dynamics Force Load Stress-Strain Screw Thread Profiles Product requirements document Failure mode and effects analysis Galaxy Note 7 Rapid prototyping 3D CAD 3D Printing CnC Machine Injection Moulding Engineering Tolerance Tolerance Stack RMS Analysis Monte Carlo Method SLA SLS Bluestone Aircraft Windows Injection Moulding Cavity and Core Drill Press Smart Scope CMM Audi Commercial Solid Works Autodesk ProE Unigraphics ANSYS Nissan uses NASA Software Prefabrication Rapid Fire questions [41:26] The Verge Saboteur Mavic Pro R Spectral Google’s Singapore Office Hackware 2.7 Picks [45:15] Cycling Health Kit MyFitnessPal Runkeeper Calm DailyBurn OpenSSL AppleTV Nest Cam XiaoMi Yi Camera Lego Technic Porche Event Loop [51:34] Hackware 2.7 Electric Plug – Connect with Hakim [52:13] Hakim’s Website Hakim’s Facebook

Introduction [0:32] Singapore CSS CSS Modern CSS [3:49] The Peak Evergreen browser Flexbox Vendor prefix CSS Grid Layout Harry Roberts itcss Is CSS a programing language? Specificity Specificity Calculator CSS preprocessor SASS LESS Stylus CSS Variables CSS Mixins Codepen JSFiddle CSS Shapes Rachel Andrews CSSConf Asia Rachel Andrews at CSSConf Asia Grid By Example Gulp Browsersync I/O Polling audience questions [34:56] soundboard Freesound project TDD PhantomJS craigslist Berkshire Hathaway Normalize.css cssreset ShadowDOM DOM Web Components Rapid Fire questions [43:27] Feedly Dishonored The Matrix Charles Stross talk.css Picks [46:00] systemd Deutsche Museum Bluetooth 5 JBC Tools Soldering Iron gog.com Weapons of Math Destruction National Libraries of Singapore NLB Mobile App Event Loop [53:16] KopiJS Electric Plug – Connect with Huijing [55:28] Huijing’s Twitter Huijing’s Website Huijing’s Github Huijing’s CSSConf Asia Talk

Introduction [0:30] Hackware Micro-controllers and development boards [3:12] Digikey Pin Muxing ADC UART Arduino ESP8266 Toolchain PIC micro-controller MicroChip C Compiler ARM ARM gcc CMSIS ARM Cortex-M0 for free ARM Cortex-M0 IAR Toolchain KEIL MDK SDCC STM32 STM32 Discovery SPI STM32 Nucleo Breakpoint Arduino Serial.println JTAG ARM CMSIS DAP Segger J-Link J-Link gdb GDB Hardware Debugging in Eclipse Silkscreen Karang Guni Crystal Oscillator I/O Polling audience questions [29:44] Cypress FX2 8051 STM32 STM32 CubeMX STM32 CubeMX to Makefile PIC16x84 Rapid Fire questions [36:28] Vim EEVBlog Forums Wii Fit Slackware Linux from scratch XinCheJian ChaiHou Picks [39:56] Element14 ShenZhen MakerFaire ShenZhen Huaqiangbei Elecrow JLC Ask an Engineer Moto Mods Embedded Muse Jack Ganssle’s Youtube Making Embedded Systems Electric Plug – Connect with Baoshi [47:00] Baoshi’s Twitter Baoshi’s Blog

Introduction [0:33] Opera Software IXD Sessions DestrActions User experience design for web and mobile [5:39] User Interface User Experience Buuuk Sketch inivsion zeplin Principle Flinto Framer User Testing Look Back Alexa Google Home Cortana Amazon Echo XHTML Design of Everyday Things I/O Polling audience questions [36:18] Rapid Fire questions [42:27] TechMeme The Verge Ricochet Robots Google Home The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Picks [45:54] NeoPixel Ring Eclipse IOT Projects Try Git figma Echo Dot Workflow Event Loop - Local events [51:17] DevFest.Asia WebAudio Hack Day Geekcamp JS Kongress Discussion on amendments to Copyright Act iOSConf.SG Electric Plug – Connect with Navjot [53:47] Nav’s Twitter Buuuk’s Blog

Introduction [0:35] iOS Dev Scout Meetup iOS Conf SG Mobile Software Architecture [3:24] AFNetworking AlamoFire Realm.io Quick Nimble SwiftyJSON Fabric SAP Mobile Platform Sybase Unwired Platform Middleware Memory Management Embedded Software Development MVC MVVM VIPER VIPER Blog Post Jenkins Fastlane Symbian Java ME Ray Wenderlich Natasha Murashev Realm Screencast WWDC Videos XCode Swift Swift Playground AutoLayout StoryBoard Github Swift Style Guide Ray Wenderlich Swift Style Guide I/O Polling audience questions [39:15] Cordova Xamarin Objective-C XCode StoryBoard WeBuildSG iOS App Rapid Fire questions [32:48] RaspberryPi Swift3 Interstellar Evacuate Earth Documentary Picks [49:02] LoRaWAN RFM96W NB-IOT UBlox Linux Kernel Cocoa Beans Cocoa Pods Swift3 on RaspberryPi SwiftGPIO Event Loop - Local events [52:45] iOS Conf SG iOS Dev Scout Meetup Music Tech Meetup Shenzen Maker Faire KopiJS Electric Plug – Connect with Subransu [55:54] Subransu’s Twitter Subransu’s LinkedIn

Introduction [0:36] SMU Singapore Management University SHINESeniors A*Star Sense and Sense-abilities Wireless Technologies [3:25] 802.11 OSI Layers ZigBee 802.15.4 thread Bluetooth Classic Bluetooth LE/Smart ZWave LoRa SIGFOX NarrowBand IOT Mesh Networking Star of Stars Ad-Hoc Networking MANET ZWave Open Jurong Lake District I/O Polling audience questions [23:15] Rapid Fire questions [32:48] nano django jupyter pandas Estimote Enchanted Objects MIT Technology Review Picks [36:36] The Idea Factory IOT Podcast BeagleBone PRU PRU Tutorial The Last Lecture PhD Comics Nala Cat Event Loop - Local events [40:30] MakerFaire @ Shenzen Hackcelerator TechInnovation IOT Singapore Meetup Electric Plug – Connect with Hwee Xian [43:58] Hwee Xian’s Twitter Hwee Xian’s Website

Introduction [0:30] HTT2 less HTTP2 [3:13] HTTP HTTP 1.1 Virtual Hosting Upgrade Header Deprecating the “X-“ Prefix TLS Compression HPack HTTP2 Server Push HTTP2 Inlining/Streams HTTP2 Encryption Let’s Encrypt Browser GeoLocation API nginx http2 http2 in nodejs nodejs http2 package CDN cloudflare http2 on cloudflare http2 push on cloudflare LFN bandwidth-delay product teaching Web development [23:31] Applied Cognitive Science General Assembly Always bet on JS I/O Polling audience questions [33:57] Cordova HTA Rapid Fire questions [39:37] Visual Studio Code Elastic Tabs Tabs vs Spaces Starcraft 2 Hexo Picks [43:10] Saleae Logic Analyser Go Applied Cognitive Science Docker for Mac Civilization VI Eggs as food Virtual Reality Oculus Rift HTC Vive Event Loop - Local events [49:05] JSConf.Asia CSSConf.Asia DevFest.Asia JSFoo SingaporeJS kopijs SingaporeJS Book Club Hackware Breadboarders Electric Plug – Connect with Sebastiaan [52:09] Sebastiaan’s Facebook Sebastiaan’s Twitter Sebastiaan’s Github Sebastiaan’s Gitlab

Introduction [0:32] Gitter Chat reboot of the live podcast, new audio setup [1:17] Mumble ATR 2100 Microphone Stand from IKEA Table Lamp node-mumble Korg nanopad2 Icecast WeBuild Live Streaming Setup WebRTC ZenCastr Cast - WebRTC podcast recording podcasts we listen to [9:09] Tech65 65Bits TWiT Quick and Dirty Tip Nutrition Diva Hak5 Tek Thing Embedded FM 5 Minutes of Javascript Spark Gap The Amp Hour EEV Blog Big Web Show Chandra Observatory (NASA) Star Talk Radio Neil Degrasse Tyson Hidden Universe ESO Cast Ruby Rogues Node Up Shop Talk Show Hubble Cast Rick Steve’s Europe PocketCasts Podcast Addict RSS NPR Podcaster Network Asia Mr. Brown Show Analyze Asia Tomboy Tarts Audio Books changes in webuild.sg [16:05] We Build SG Firebase We Build SG repo We Build SG admin We Build SG apps We Build SG iOS app Web Notification Web Geolocation We Build SG chat bot We Build SG Data We Build SG data repo what’s new around the world in engineering and sciences [27:40] Underwater Wireless Communication Embedded Systems Power Grid Industrial Internet of Things DevFest Singapore Communities DevFest.Asia JSConf.Asia CSSConf.Asia I/O Polling audience questions [32:22] Mumble Jack Korg nanopad2 MIDI Controlers City Music LaunchByte We Build Live Configurations Gitter Pokemon Go Rapid Fire questions [37:58] Pokemon Go Limor Freid Hackware C Programing Language Event Loop - Local events [39:58] Geekcamp PHPConf iOSConf DevFest.Asia Picks [41:36] Hackers - Steven Levy Innovators - Walter Isaacson The Cathedral and the Bazaar - ESR KiCad KiCad Forum OSHPark