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This is the third and final part of a three part series of podcasts with Dr. Alex Vasquez, DO, ND, DC. Be sure to check out the first and second episode with Dr. V as well. Dr. Vasquez is the most prolific human I know. He holds 3 different doctorates and is on the board […]

This is the second in a series of podcasts with Dr. Alex Vasquez, DO, ND, DC. Be sure to check out the first episode with Dr. V, and after you finish this one, check out listen to the next one! Dr. Vasquez is the most prolific human I know. He is a doctor of osteopathic […]

Laura Bedell has been an ER and Critical care nurse in NYC for 42 years. She currently works at New York Presbyterian in Queens, the second hardest hit COVID-19 hospital in America. In this interview, Cavin and Laura talk about the real life experience in working with this virus in the heart of this pandemic, […]

This is the first in a series of podcasts with Dr. Alex Vasquez, OD, ND, DC. Be sure to check out the next episodes! Since COVID-19 has been shaking up the globe, people have been thrust into a state of confusion, uncertainty, and of loss of control. These ingredients create a perfect recipe for fear […]

In 2010, Dr. Terry Wahls’ published her first book, Minding My Mitochondria. In 2014 she published The Wahls Protocol. And she just released the new revised Wahls Protocol with even more for your mitochondria!  This brilliant souls’ work has truly been revolutionary for me and it’s always a pleasure to have her on the show. […]

Meet my friend, Misty Williams. Misty has had quite a journey with her health and she has become an amazing advocate and guide for women who are trying to navigate their way to health. Misty spent years struggling to reclaim her health and vitality.  After a botched surgery to remove an endometrial cyst, debilitating brain […]

Meet my very good friend Diane V Capaldi (aka the Paleo Boss Lady)! V’s story is remarkable. She is one of the most powerful, smart, strong, bad-ass ladies I know!  What Does MS Have to Do With Brain Injury? Because the cells within the central nervous system are what are affected in ANY neurological condition, […]

What’s up, y’all?!?! Last podcast, I interviewed my current optometrist who has been very influential in the trajectory of my recovery, and yet again, I get the opportunity to interview someone who has truly made a massive difference in my life! Two in a row!!!!  I believe that every health crisis is the beginning of […]

I originally met Dr. Deborah Zelinsky in 2014, when I presented for the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA). After my keynote presentation (watch here), she approached me with a whole lot of inspired encouragement for my mission and a desire to collaborate. I have been in touch with Dr. Zelinsky for years, and I am so […]

Sometimes you meet someone who you totally resonate with on an experiential and mission level. Josh Perry is a super cool survivor and thriver who I am honored to have on the podcast!  Josh Perry grew up as an athlete in sports and eventually got into skateboarding and rollerblading until he saw that bikes could […]

Nora Gedgaudas is a board-certified nutritional consultant and a board-certified clinical neurofeedback specialist with over 20 years of clinical experience. A recognized authority on ketogenic, ancestrally based nutrition, she is a popular speaker and educator and the author of the best selling book, Primal Body, Primal Mind, as well as Rethinking Fatigue. Her newest book, […]

At the beginning of May, I had the privilege of attending the EPIC Functional Medicine Conference where I met a lot of amazing and inspiring practitioners who are really changing the game in healthcare. Dr. Robert G. Silverman was one of the first speakers, and he really set the stage with a powerful presentation about […]

It was six years ago when I was listening to Dr. Lauren Noel’s Podcast (here she is on my podcast), where I learned of a conference where many people I looked up to for advice to reclaim my health were going to be speaking. And it was happening in Austin, TX… In my backyard! At […]

If you’ve been listening to the Adventures in Brain Injury Podcast for a while, you may have noticed the improvement of my speech over time. Well, on this episode of the podcast, I’m interviewing MY main speech-language pathologists (SLP). Ms. Kathryn Hayes specializes in rehabilitation following neurological insult. In this episode, we talk about the […]

It’s awesome to have my friend, Jade Nelson, on the podcast! Jade is an Epilepsy Advocate, Community Health Educator, and Licensed Massage Therapist. When Jade was only 8 years old, she was diagnosed with Epilepsy. She spent the first 28 years on one or more anti-epileptic medications, yet she was never seizure free for more […]

Hello everyone, For those of you who are following my personal Facebook page, you know that I was robbed on the Friday before Christmas… WHILE I WAS HOME! I’m pretty shaken up from the event. See this Facebook post from one of my best friends: All of the presents I had been wrapping all […]

Dr. Venu Julapalli is one of our favorite MDs! Like many of the MDs we correspond with, he is humble, curious, powerful, and collaborative toward his patients’ care. He does not place himself on a pedestal like an “MDiety!” 🙂 With an exceptionally curious and open mind, his experiences have given him an extremely broad […]

In 2015, I had the wondrous opportunity to meet Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, PhD at the International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience in Orlando, FL. Bonnie is passionate about nutrition for optimal brain function and repair… Me too! Needless to say, we get along! 🙂 With her training about how metabolism is dependent on availability of adequate […]

Before keto became a thing, as I would consume a large amount of fat, many people would ask me if I was worried about my cholesterol. And with the prevailing nutritional recommendations and guidelines over the past 30 years and the idea the cholesterol is the cause of heart disease, it is obvious why this […]

Dr. Kyle Daigle is professionally trained as a Chiropractor. He joined SNA Technologies (Systemic Neural Adaptation) in December 2014 as the President, Chief Medical Officer, and Managing Director for SNA Global. He is the Co-Inventor of a Patent Pending Digital Therapy Software program called Neurosage. Keeping his finger on the pulse of his patients as […]

Get ready to meet one of my favorite Austinites! These are some of the many reasons why: Ali Miller has dedicated her career to revolutionizing food-as-medicine in treatment and prevention of disease. She has a passion to create public awareness regarding the significant role diet plays in our overall health with her philosophy of Food-As-Medicine. […]

This one goes out to all the warrior moms and dads! Change your mindset and overcome limiting beliefs with 3 simple exercises that you can do today to take charge of your health, mind, and life. Check out our new podcast with JJ Virgin. JJ Virgin is a celebrity health expert and 4 time New […]

It’s time for another adventure! I learned of Dr. Titus Chiu through his interview with Dr. Mark Hyman for the Broken Brain Mini-Series. If you didn’t  get a chance to watch it, I highly recommend that you check it out! Dr. Titus Chiu is an award-winning Teacher, International Speaker, Author and Functional Neurologist who specializes […]

Remember when we had Jessica on the Feed a Brain Interview Series? It was awesomely deep! Well… We did it again with Michelle on board, and it was really good! You see, Jessica Flanigan is a healer and she comes to it through the unified field of Loving. Illness is a way of broadening our […]

Today’s amazing episode is jam-packed with priceless powerful fixes and clinical pearls for both patient and practitioner, coming from a newly found AiBI favorite! We have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Kat Toups, MD, a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (the highest honor bestowed by the APA), Board Certified by the American Board […]

My New Year’s Resolution: to be more bad-ass than I was the year before. Jerod is the most bad-ass Quadriplegic I have ever met! His strength and serenity and his command of his perspective and thoughts is so powerful!

Music is very powerful. In this episode we explore how music can be used to influence brain plasticity with Hope Young, a music therapist who is able to treat movement conditions and disorders through music.

In this episode, we get to interview Dr. Dan Engle, MD, who not only brings forth a comprehensive manual for concussion repair, but healing beyond brain injury and into peak performance.

I like brains. I like helping them work better. So does Dr. Nate Keiser, who Michelle and I get to interview on this episode about injury, dysautonomia, and hangovers.

Dr Terry Wahls, author of "The Wahls Protocol" talks about how nutrition saved her life from debilitating MS. This is one of those podcasts that has to potential to change many lives, so listen up!

By seeing how our brain is behaving, we can train our brains! If we are anxious most of the time, we can use feedback to reward our brains for being calm, and train ourselves out of anxiety. That’s pretty cool!

Meet Dr. Sanet, a world-renowned educator and practitioner in the fields of behavioral optometric care, vision training, and practice management.

Are you ready for the future? Meet Indrani Das, the winner of one of the country’s most prestigious science fairs for her work on a novel mechanism for treating brain injury and disease!

Someone very important to me graced our show this week and Michelle and I are so blessed to have the chance to share her radiance with you all! Meet Dr. Lauren Noel, a hard working, brilliant, accomplished and successful naturopathic doctor who changed the trajectory of my recovery.. And the trajectory of my entire life!

Wanna meet my current functional neurologist? In this episode, Michelle and I interview Dr. Joshua Flowers, owner of Revive Treatment Centers of America.

Dr. David Traster takes the time to speak with Michelle and Cavin about how opening his mind took him down roads that eventually saved his life.

Cavin and Michelle interview Dr. Charles Shidlofsky. A brilliant optometrist, he received his OD all the way back in 1988 and has been very active in neuro-optometry for most of his 29 years in practice.

Michelle and Cavin interview Dr. Alessandra Wall, a licensed clinical psychologist, coach, speaker and entrepreneur. In this interview, we explore her methodology to create a better everyday and to feel inspired by life again.

Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe, a migraine sufferer and functional neurologist who practices in Georgia, takes the time to chat with Michelle and I about his journey from patient to doctor.

Michelle and I interview Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, a functional neurologist certified through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board who works with patients locally and internationally.

I announce that Michelle Malmberg (my guest on the last podcast) is our new co-host on the Adventures in Brain Injury Podcast! And, for our first episode together, we take the opportunity to interview Tim Page, a professor in both the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and the Thornton School of Music at the University […]

Michelle Malmberg tells the first part of her amazing, inspiring, and resilient acquired brain injury story on the Adventures in Brain Injury Podcast with Cavin Balaster.

Cavin and Alek sit down to reflect on the five year anniversary of Cavin's severe traumatic brain injury and the lessons he's learned along the way.

Cavin and Alek interview Dr. Lynn Hellerstein to talk about her book "See it. Say it. Do it!" and her methods for finding success in life, healing, and rehabilitation.

Cavin and Alek discuss TBI Model Systems Centers with Clinical Research Coordinator for the Brain Injury Research Center of Mount Sinai, Gabrielle Guetta.

Cavin and Alek interview TBI survivor Kimberly Archie about her life and work on the front line of protecting child athletes.

Cavin and Alek interview musician and TBI survivor Cristabelle Braden about her organization and the power of music through rehabilitation.

What's going on inside the brain after injury? We sat down with Dr. Peggy Mason to better understand how can we use that information to prevent and treat head trauma.

In this hugely important episode, Cavin and Alek Interview Dr. Unini Odama to define the word "concussion" and discuss strategies for better awareness and prevention in sports.

Brain injury survivor Cavin Balaster and co-host Alek Hess review "Concussion" and discuss the highly anticipated film's impact on public understanding and professional sports.