Stuff They Don't Want You To Know
From UFOs to psychic powers and government conspiracies, history is riddled with unexplained events. Join Ben, Matt and Noel as they explore the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know about everything from secret experiments to the inner depths of the human mind and the furthest reaches of outer space.
You may have heard a bit about the North Dakota Access Pipeline in the news -- but probably not much. What's happening at the site of one the largest Native American protests in recent history, so why isn't it more widely reported in the US?

For decades rumors of child abuse in the Catholic Church were treated as just that: rumors. However, in recent years, evidence has emerged proving, beyond any reasonable doubt, that this abuse didn't just occur -- the authorities knew, and conspired to cover it up for years. But how prevalent is this? How deep does the conspiracy go?

Mere days before the US election, it seems overwhelmingly likely that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States. Both candidates have been the source of great controversy, and in the second part of this series we explore the facts, fiction, controversy and conspiracy theories surrounding the Clinton campaign.

Donald Trump, like his rival Hillary Clinton, has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. But why? Tune in for a look at the allegations surrounding his campaign for president. (And stay tuned for next week’s episode on the Clinton campaign.)

Across 1300 square miles in West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland a strange electronic silence looms heavily in the air. Cell phones don’t work, there’s only one radio station and government officials patrol the streets searching for illegal wifi. Why?

In the early hours of February 25th, 1942, air raid sirens resounded across Los Angeles, California. The military fired roughly 1500 anti-aircraft machine gun rounds and artillery shells at some unknown object in the sky. So what really happened?

An estimated 1% of the global population is fundamentally different, incapable of empathy, unable to feel remorse, and charming enough to deceive everyone around them. But how many psychopaths actually exist? Are they more common than studies would have you believe? Is it possible you've met one without knowing it?

For nearly 50 years a vocal group of people around the world have remained convinced that NASA faked the moon landings, and no human being has actually set foot upon the lunar surface. But if that's the case, why? What would the motivations for a hoax be, and how on Earth could it remain a secret for so long?

It's no secret that sports are a billion-dollar industry, but how honest are these games? Both FIFA and the IOC have been dogged by rumors of corruption but, according to some, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Cannibalism, also known as anthropophagy, is an ancient practice. But there are multiple types and they are not all created equally.

In the 1940s Quaker Oats and MIT joined forces to study the absorption of vitamins and minerals. They recruited disadvantaged kids at the Fernald State School to join the “Science Club” and fed them radioactive iron and calcium without their knowledge.

What if you had a credit score that measured more than just your wallet? What if it took into account your political leanings, Internet traffic, and social media statements -- and what if the same stuff from your friends could affect your score? These are the concerns of Sesame Credit.

When firefighters found the body of 47 year-old Teresita Basa murdered and disfigured in her Chicago apartment, the case seemed set to remain unsolved. Until, that is, one of her former coworkers began falling into trances, speaking as if she were Teresita, seeking justice from beyond the grave.

In this episode, Ben and Matt travel to DC for a closer look at the famous House of the Temple. Tune in to learn more about the odd history of this iconic temple.

How do criminals turn dirty cash into clean money? Who helps them? And more importantly, what happens when the launderers are caught?

Although the Catholic church officially opposes them, the folk saints of Latin America are enormously important to the lives of hundreds of thousands of their followers. Criminals, from cartels to thieves and more, have also adopted the practice of praying to entities like Santa Muerte for forgiveness, protection and aid. But why? Learn more about the intersection of religion and crime.

It’s often said that money makes the world go round – so what would happen if there was no money left? Would it be a paradise or pandemonium?

Public wifi can be an enormously convenient thing -- it helps people dodge data charges in coffee shops, airports and other places around the globe. But how safe is it? Tune in to learn more.

You've heard of the Black Market -- a catch-all term for the various underground criminal markets selling everything from drugs and guns to people and endangered animals -- but what about the Red Market? Watch to learn about the secret world of the illegal human organ trade.

For millennia humankind has dreamed of reaching the heavens, and in recent decades several countries have begun turning these dreams into reality. Yet the path to the stars isn't all altruism and noble scientific advancement -- in fact, human activities in space have often been shrouded in secrecy, and the practice continues today.

How permanent is the past? Could facts, times, and specifics of events somehow change after the fact? If so, why? Learn more about the tricky nature of memory and allegations of the multiverse in today’s episode.

Have you ever searched for something online, only to find an eerily related series of ads popping up at each website you visit afterward? If so, you've encountered the Brave New World of targeted online advertising.

You've probably heard of chemtrails theories before -- they're often derided in the mainstream. But has something like the chemtrail theory ever been proven? Have governments really poisoned unsuspecting civilians with airborne chemicals?

For decades Ed and Lorraine Warren claimed to investigate paranormal phenomena, confronting the forces of darkness with the power of faith. They've inspired numerous films and become a part of American folklore -- so how much of their story is true?

From 1979 to 1986, an unknown serial killer assaulted and murdered at least 10 people. He remains uncaught to this day. So who was he? Is it possible to find the Original Night Stalker?

To outside observers, the US primary elections can seem pretty confusing. So how do political parties use this system to select candidates - and why do critics feel the process is so corrupt?

Forget everything you learned about 'genies' from Aladdin - tales of the Jinn, also called Djinn, are ancient and not at all as family-friendly as Disney might have you believe. So what are these mysterious creatures, exactly?

When a massive leak of internal documents from a Panama-based law firm revealed a web of offshore tax-dodging outfits across the planet, millions of people began to wonder how much – or how little – trust they could put in the statements of their local elites and heads of governments. But what exactly happened, and what does this leak reveal about the state of world affairs?

In 2015 alone more than 300 million people visited the US national park system. Some stayed for a few hours, others for a few days – and, occasionally, some never make it out.

The advent of social media technology has made global communication easier than ever before – yet this innovation creates opportunities for evil as well as good. Learn how ISIS is using social media to manipulate, groom and ultimately recruit people across the planet.

What's in the water in Flint? Did city officials really cover up a potentially deadly situation?

Building a sentient mind is one of the highest aspirations of the human species. And, with current breakthroughs in technology, the goal may be more attainable than ever before. But what will this machine consciousness be like? How close are we to making it a reality?

While many in the West associate alchemical practices with ancient Alexandria and Western Europe, an independent branch of alchemy flourished half a world away, in the Far East.

In ancient days civilizations across the world believed Earth was some sort of plane, a flat space in the absolute center of the universe. In recent days some celebrities have revived the concept, alleging a vast conspiracy exists. Is this a genuine belief or a marketing ploy?

It's true - scientists around the world are increasingly concerned that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness, leading to a future filled with unstoppable bacteria. But could it actually happen? How did we get here, and what happens next?

Are nefarious forces really moving through ranches in the night, mutilating livestock? How? Why?

Have you ever found yourself infuriated by someone's opinion posted online? Or, perhaps, taken it a step further and attempted to argue with them? Why can't you win an argument online? The answer leads into a cognitive conspiracy that might surprise you.

Every election season conspiracy theories proliferate across the political spectrum -- and some may be less crazy than others.

Gnosticism may be one of the oldest conspiracy theories in human civilization - but what is it, exactly?

There's no two ways about it: oil spills and gas leaks are disastrous, causing massive amounts of ecological damage in a matter of days or hours. Are any of these catastrophes being covered up?

On January 2nd, 2016, Ammon Bundy and a group of like-minded individuals occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge as a protest against what they saw as federal over-reach and unjust sentencing practices. So what's the real story?

Nostradamus. Edgar Cayce. Baba Vanga. Have any of history's alleged psychics successfully predicted the future? Learn more as we look at humanity's efforts to predict the future, from ancient oracles to the bleeding edge of science.

What if the Revolutionary War didn't happen the way it's described in textbooks? Tune in and learn why some people believe the UK still controls the US in this special collaboration with our friends at AllTime Conspiracies.

You've probably heard some of the accusations regarding recent tragedies -- that the official story is wrong, and aspects of certain events are either misrepresented or staged completely. But could that be true? What are 'crisis actors?"

While humanity has yet to generate any universally-accepted proof of ghosts or hauntings, millions of people around the world report seeing apparitions or experiencing ghostly encounters every year (and sometimes these events cluster around specific areas). Why? Is there any possible explanation for the purported appearance of ghosts?

Congress is one of the most powerful - and, arguably, one of the most misunderstood - institutions in the U.S. But what happens behind the scenes?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been accused of everything from collusion with energy companies to attempting "back-door gun control." Join Matt and Ben to learn about the conspiracies surrounding the EPA.

It's no secret that inequality is skyrocketing - but according to various international institutions, extreme poverty is also diminishing. So what's the future of poverty - and why don't some critics trust the organizations created to fight it?

Since the dawn of civilization, nightmares have haunted the human mind. But what are they, exactly? Why do some people think they're more than hallucinations? Listen in to learn about the superstition and science surrounding sleep paralysis.

Impossibly tall, lingering in the edges of photographs throughout history, Slender Man has become one of the most well known urban legends of the digital age. But how did the story start, and how has it moved from the virtual domain of online forums to the physical world?