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Have you checked out Livestream For The Cure yet? You should. It’s the fifth week of the month – so you know what that means? Do you? If you do, please … tell us… For us, it meant that we went live on Twitch on St. Paddy’s Day and talked about how we’re dealing with […]

Have you checked out Livestream For The Cure yet? You should. With the world topsy turvy, a month with 5 Tuesdays, we are all jumbled up, so The End came early, there’s a chaos episode next week – and this week, you get a review of a show we’ve talked about before! ..but it’s ok, […]

Mark your calendars: Livestream For The Cure, May 28th – 31st. It’s time to get Frakked and talk about one of the most influential shows of the last twenty years. Sure, maybe in hindsight it has some flaws, which I’m sure we’ll jump to every 33 minutes, but in between listen as Hatton and Podcast […]

Mark your calendars: Livestream For The Cure, May 28th – 31st. We’re heading out into deep seas this month for a “documentary” with a twist.. also a title so long it doesn’t fit in the title bar. This journey is one of art, one of curiosity, and it is a divisive piece of cinema. If […]

The new Disney Plus service was started with a treat for sci-fi and muppet fans, alike. A show that reframes the most mysterious of characters – makes a badass loveable – makes a sage adorable – makes a ‘First Time Mom’ movie a ‘Buddy Cop Adventure’ That’s right – it’s the BabyYodalorian… and yes, we […]

Holy Forkin Shirtballs it ended. Hey, it’s Hatton – and its just me this week, so the episode is a short one, but we’re talking about one of my favorite sitcoms since the last sitcom done by Michael Schur, Parks & Rec. Welcome to The Neighborhood… are you supposed to be here – because I’m […]

♫ Creature of the niiiiight…. That’s right – it’s time for the Somethings to deep deep deep dive into the BBC’s newest horror piece, Dracula. We can’t do it alone – so we got ahold of one of the Something Alums in Megan Salinas (@TheMenguin) – cohost of Silver Screams and No Love Lost Is […]

Ok, here we go again… This week on Mysteries of the Somethingverse – we have taken another hotbutton topic and we break it down with one taking the pro and the other taking the con. This week it is all about those white lines that crisscross the skyways of the world – are they Contrails? […]

Before we get to the episode, we just want to mention a charity that our guest this week mentions: GAMES FOR LOVE, a charity that provides not just games, but camps for programming and coding, to kids in hospitals around the world to ease their stresses through gaming. Please, give it a look and a […]

It’s been a few years since the Redwood Originals rode down through Charming… so it seemed like a good time to see whether the life and times of Jax Teller and his entire band of miscreants ended up where they deserved. So settle in for some mouth-singing and questions of religious importance, as the Somethings […]

A new year means NEW THINGS! So a few weeks ago, we were on Twitch trying out our newest game… what is it, you may ask.. well, there is a lot of crazy stories around the world – but we’re also some creative weirdos. So, 10 news stories – one lie. Hatton is the newscaster, […]

We gotta go back… No no no, not to THERE… to the world of Breaking Bad. We weren’t left with many questions at the end of Walt’s journey, but we did have one big one. …what happened to Jesse? Not only does El Camino fill that in – but a few gaps we never thought […]

It is a new year – and what does that mean? Tons and tons of websites with lists about what the best of 2019 was… well we’re not doing it. We’re going to start the new decade looking forward at the movies that are to come. From the obvious to the surreal, join PCR and […]

Happy Holidays from the Somethings! Ok, here we HO HO HO! Full Episode

Don’t you sometimes want to get a way to a place where everybody knows your name? That’s what the Somethings did this week as we take on another episode of THE END – did one of the historically beloved and remembered sitcoms hold up decades after it went off the air? How funny can dudes […]

Happy Holidays! Sure, it’s early, but we’re taking next month off – so we gotta get it in somewhere. And since everyone is getting themselves all stuff prepared, we decided to hit a a movie that had a strange beginning, but has found its place as a Christmas Traditional for weirdos… it is the scariest […]

Are you ready for something new? Well you are about to get it. Hatton and PCR love a good mystery, especially one that has a range of theories… from the scientific to the plausibly strange to the outright bonkers. Enter Mysteries of the SomethingVerse – where the boys each take a side and figure out […]

The Somethings love television shows and movies, but did you know that Hatton and PCR are also …. literate? So we’re heading up into that great space station in the sky and going through the Hitchhiker’s Guide to talk about our favorite science fiction books. From space battles to samurai and every cyborg in between. […]

For the first time ever, this episode was recorded LIVE on Twitch – and you can be here for next great live adventure November 5th @ 9pm – simply go to twitch.tv/somethingsomethingcast and make sure to follow us so you don’t miss out. There are some great stories out there connected to movies… from ghosts […]

Listen, toooo that magic man…and abracadabra… There is this movie – this movie that a lot of people saw and nobody remembers it until they are told about it by someone who has been awoken. I’m sure there are a lot of movies that fit this strange Mandela Effect sort of situation, but this one […]