#664 How To Make An Extra $1k This Weekend w/ Sam Parr
Sam Parr is the Founder and CEO of The Hustle, a new age media company that uses email to deliver information to young people. He is also the co-host of a great podcast, My First Million. In this conversation, we discuss bitcoin, asset allocation, portfolio construction, companies to go work at, how to make an extra $1k this weekend, and the best internet businesses. ======================= AppSumo is the leading digital marketplace for entrepreneurs, and a great way to get your product in front of 1M+ entrepreneurs, founders, and small businesses. AppSumo is giving away their entire $1 million Black Friday marketing budget to creators. If you have an ebook, online course, template, or any other digital product — this is for you. List your product on AppSumo between September 15th - November 17th and the first 400 offers to go live will receive $1,000, the next 2,000 to list a product and go live get $250. And everyone who lists gets entered to be one of 10 lucky winners of $10k! Go to AppSumo.com/pomp to list your product today and cash in on this amazing deal. ======================= With 10M+ users, Crypto.com is the easiest place to buy, and sell 100+ cryptocurrencies. The Crypto.com Visa Card gives you up to 8% back instantly, and 100% back on Spotify and Netflix. Also, Crypto.com lets you earn up to 8.5% p.a. on BTC, and 14% p.a. on stablecoins. Get $25 when you download the Crypto.com App with code "pomp". Download the App now: http://www.crypto.com ======================= Polymarket is the world’s leading information markets platform where you can trade on the most pressing global questions and see unbiased, real-time data on what the market thinks will happen – all on the blockchain. For a limited time, sign up with referral code “Pomp” to get your first trade reimbursed up to $100. Click on the link to get started: polymarket.co/pomppod

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