Carol Roth - The War on Small Business - Episode #163

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and investor Carol Roth joins Michael this week for a discussion on whether or not she's a grandma killer, what qualifies a worker or business as essential, why Small Business Week received no coverage from the press, how unique and historic businesses were forced to close while seven big tech companies accrued $3.4 Trillion dollars in revenue, why government corruption works best when paired with corporate collusion, the unreasonable jailing of salon owner Shelley Luther in Texas, why so many nursing home deaths occurred on Governor Cuomo's watch, how the State is setup to fail in case of emergencies like the pandemic, the government's ignorance to acknowledge imminent domain and compensate owners for their losses, the attack on private equity and ownership by companies like BlackRock, how publishers are incentivized to sweep independently journalistic material under the rug, plus why Wikipedia pulled The Anarchist Handbook's #1 ranking from Michael's page, and so much more!

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Carol Roth


Michael Malice




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