Michelle Gibson | Ley Lines, Tartaria, Orphan Trains, and The Twelve Tribes

Michelle Gibson, Researcher, Joins Tara and I for a conversation about ley lines or geomantic corridors of planetary energy, The Tartarian mysteries surrounding the oldest buildings hiding in plain sight? Star Forts, Orphan Trains, Moors and the 12 tribes of Israel, the Royal Families and the fallen angels. Connect with Michelle Here or on Youtube Here

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Intro Song by Destiny Lab and Shane Newsome 
Music 1: No Brakes
By Lewis Loatman
Music 2: Stranded 
By Wastelander
Music 3: In This World
By Siwa Oasis
Music: Storm The Castle
By Andy Ellison 
Music: In This World
By Siwa Oasis
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