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In this episode, the hosts plan a Podcast Movement pop-up party, embark on a digital treasure hunt, discuss BJ Novak's new podcaster movie, decide that The Jerky Boys were the first podcasters, and give an exciting Buzzsprout Ads update.PODCAST MOVEMENT 2022 will be there! Come to our booth to sign up for the pop-up party & play Mic or Mike? for the chance to win a super cool Buzzsprout tshirt!X MARKS THE SPOT PODCAST 9 episode series about Forest Fenn, a man who hid a 12th century bronze chest with $2 million worth of treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains in 2010. The twist? X Marks The Spot podcast is hosting their own digital treasure hunt worth $50k.AMAZON MUSIC STATS to their podcaster dashboard to see their new metrics.VENGEANCE "directorial debut" film from BJ Novak about a journalistic podcaster who investigates the death of a girl he was dating. In theaters July 29th. PODNEWS SPAMTRAP May, James Cridland updated the RSS Feed for PodNews with trackable email addresses and revealed who the top spammers in the industry were.  Spam results list: WAS THE FIRST PODCASTER? by James Cridland The Jerky Boys Let The Dogs Out Documentary is hosted by Alban Brooke @albanbrooke, Kevin Finn @kfinn, and Jordan Blair @jordanpodsThanks for listening and keep podcasting!
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