Shaq talks about LeBron as an ambassador of the game, the coronavirus, his daughter's dunk and the national debate about Red Vines versus Twizzlers
Shaquille O'Neal opens the show with an uncharacteristic rant about politics, namely the NFL player who made some controversial comments about the President this week. Shaq and John also launch into a heated debate about LeBron's ambassadorship of the league and how he's trying to lead younger players. We also get Shaq's raw emotions on people overseas who are intentionally spreading germs in the wake of the coronavirus. Plus we talk about Shaq's TNT stumble, his daughter Me'arah's dunk on a 10 foot rim, and the national debate about Red Vines versus Twizzlers that Shaq started on TNT this week. We take a lot of text to the show on the Mint Mobile show phone, of course we get Borderline, and we play a round of the classic Walmart or Waffle House. Follow the show on Twitter @Shaqcast - on Instagram and Facebook at The Big Podcast with Shaq - or email your best clips to
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