In this message, “Flex Space” preached by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC we learn how to expand our expectations to include things we didn’t plan for. Sometimes our minds and hearts get cluttered up with expectations of our own making. We wed ourselves to what was, often prohibiting it from being transformed. In Isaiah 54 verses 1 - 4, the prophet Isaiah commands the nation of Israel to sing a song of deliverance 200 years before that prophecy comes to pass. While Paul is writing the New Testament letter to the Philippians he connects those 200 year old dots and tells the people of God through a word he makes up (apokaradokia) they need to stretch their heads forward in hope because the best is yet to come. We pray that even though you may have had a lot taken from you in this season, this message will help you fight back with faith. The enemy may have taken a lot, but he can’t take your song.

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