TTB125: Orville The Cat
The Two Bobs episode 125 for Monday, March 9, 2020:

* What are The Bobs drinking?

* Rob enjoyed a Coconut Vanilla Java Porter from Atwater.
* Robert had a Looking Glass IPA from Starr Hill.
* Follow us on Untappd at @robertk328 and @PhilRoberts33 or we’ll shut down your funeral brothel. You’ll be out on the streets, you sick bastard.

* Listen, we love animals but prefer they go away once they’re dead. This guy...not so much.
* This week’s CRAZY NEWS will make you burn when you pee. That’s probably nothing new for you though. You might wanna see your doctor.

* This lady pampered her perfect succulent for years before realizing it was fake.
* A Louisiana resident whose license plate expired in 1997 gave the police the worst excuse ever.
* A guy brings an unexpected—but kind of expected—guest to his sister’s wedding.
* Nobody divorces Captain Kirk and walks away with even a drop of horse semen.
* The FBI shut down a brothel operating in a funeral home. They never let anyone have any fun!

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