#666 Investing in the Future Crypto World with Kyle Samani
Kyle Samani is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital, a thesis-driven investment firm with a global footprint that invests exclusively in the crypto ecosystem. Multicoin Capital manages several billion in assets across hedge funds and venture funds. In this conversation, we discuss Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, crypto investment thesis, and how Kyle sees the future unfolding in crypto. ======================= BlockFi provides financial products for crypto investors. Products include high-yield interest accounts, USD loans, and no fee trading. To start earning today visit: http://www.blockfi.com/Pomp ======================= Choice is a new self-directed IRA product that I'm really excited about. If you are listening to this, you are likely part of the 7.1 million bitcoin owners who have retirement accounts with dollars in them, but not bitcoin. I was in that situation too. Now you can actually buy real Bitcoin in your retirement account. I'm talking about owning your private keys and using tax-advantaged dollars to do it too. Absolute game changer. https://www.retirewithchoice.com/pomp ======================= Not too many people know this, but thousands of investors are flocking to a new asset class. They are strategically allocating to this stable, yet high-performing alternative to offset the volatility of their holdings, which is a pretty smart move. So what am I talking about? Spoiler Alert: it’s Contemporary Art. Lots of investors are bullish on art for three main reasons. One, Contemporary art outperformed the S&P 500, gold, and real estate by nearly 174% from 1995-2020. Two, stability: there’s almost no correlation to public equities according to research by Citi. Three: it’s the perfect fit alongside crypto investments in portfolios. I even partnered with the only platform that lets you invest in contemporary art to give you all a head start. Visit masterworks.io/pomp to get priority access today. Paid advertisement. See important disclosures at masterworks.io/disclaimer

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