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In today’s episode of Cup of Confidence, I speak with Scott Scantlin, Founder and CEO of Scott Scantlin, LLC and Independent Associate of LegalShield. Scott discusses how the beginning of his business and sales changed his perspective on how he balanced his life to succeed on a daily basis. Both Scott and Erin discuss how to use your weaknesses to your advantage and work to better your strengths in your work and personal life. This episode is perfect for anyone wanting a boost of confidence, so stay tuned!

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Guest Information: 

Website: www.scottscantlin.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/scottscan1

Instagram: @scottscan1

Guest Bio:

Scott Scantlin is a professional speaker, author, consultant, sales trainer, and business coach with two decades of experience in direct sales and leadership. He successfully built an international team of over 6,000 independent associates across North America and Canada. He has served in high-level leadership roles and specializes in working with companies, entrepreneurs, and direct sellers individually and corporately to identify hidden potential and reach their very best. A lifelong student of personal development, Scantlin wrote The Relevance Gap to help those struggling to transition during a time of extreme change.

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7/15/202122 min

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