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In today’s episode of Cup of Confidence, we are joined by Charlese Latham, the owner, and creator of The Girl with the Yellow Desk, specializing in copyrighting and launch strategy. She was a full-time hairstylist, but in 2018 she had back surgery, resulting in a change in career paths. Charlese discusses how she overcame the big hurdle in her life and found something that brought her happiness. She discusses creating a new business and struggling in this time with depression, but how she worked so hard to get back on track. If you’re stuck trying to find your calling, today’s episode is the perfect motivation you need! Tune in today!

Guest Bio:

As a successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry for 20 years, Charlese had the privilege of inspiring and helping others to feel beautiful and powerful. After back surgery in December 2018, she retired from hairstyling and started a new path helping women to feel more powerful in their business! Now, she writes awesome words for social media, emails, articles, and more and uses her skills from helping million-dollar earners sell 5 and 6 figures in their product launches.

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