Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith discuss the state of the NBA and share some hilarious TNT stories on The Big Podcast with Shaq
Shaq opens the show by talking about how he is NOT going into the NBA bubble in Orlando, and lays out what he knows about TNT's studio plans as their Emmy-winning show returns next week. And stick around for our AMAZING conversation with Shaq's co-worker Kenny Smith, who shares his thoughts about the NBA bubble, shares some amazing Shaq stories from the set of Inside the NBA on TNT, and how he's trying to help kids without camps this summer. We also joke about how Shaq wouldn't survive in the bubble, especially in light of Stephen A Smith's comments that NBA players are going to struggle with being away from their wives and girlfriends. Shaq also has some nice words for Avery Bradley, who has opted out of the season, and while most people are bashing him, Shaq commends him. Of course we get Borderline, and we play a special July 4th Fireworks edition of "Truth or Sheee". Follow the show on Twitter @Shaqcast - on Instagram and Facebook at TheBigPodcastWithShaq, or email your best clips and comments to
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