Sep 1 - Forget About Afghanistan: The Left Wants us to Focus on our 'Domestic Taliban'
Michael Moore says he wants America to know the war is over and that it's time to, "strengthen our own Democracy and defend it against our own domestic taliban." Domestic taliban?!  Between Moore's insane view of the world and Joe Biden's amnesia that he, in fact, is the President... Americans that are IN THE MIDDLE need to TAKE ACTION.  There is too much at stake and we need our country back.  Join Trish Regan, founder of, as she unravels the spin coming out of the White House and as she offers some solutions to America's future. 2022 is fast approaching and America needs REAL PEOPLE with REAL EXPERIENCE running things on Capitol Hill. Get more online at and,SUPPORT THE SHOW at Support the show: See for privacy information.

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