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It's a summer of projects, we get into our plans to totally rebuild our website, some new Podcasting 2.0 features and, Brent takes his first bite of the Raspberry Pi. Open a channel to our node: 037d284d2d7e6cec7623 Sponsored By:Send us a Boost w/a new Podcast App: Send a boost into the show, try out a new app, and help keep podcasting independent. Join the Party! The Jupiter Membership Party: Join the party and get exclusive content. on Twitter — Using the tag, Curiocaster’s feed generator (called Sovereign Feeds) can change the UI for feed/episode creation to make everything reflect the type of content you are creating (like a music album). This is another part of “the vision”.Website Rebuild Ideas & Explorations · Discussion — Join the discussion around our new website.Website issues for, et al.Grav — Grav is a modern open source flat-file CMS Linux Foundation Shills NFTs and Spreads FUD about Bitcoin — The Linux Foundation has started spreading FUD about free software projects in an attempt to sell the virtues of their centralized Proof of Work blockchain Hyperledger and shill "green" NFTs. From 1999: Dig more coal -- the PCs are coming — The current fuel-economy rating: about 1 pound of coal to create, package, store and move 2 megabytes of data. The digital age, it turns out, is very energy-intensive. The Internet may someday save us bricks, mortar and catalog paper, but it is burning up an awful lot of fossil fuel in the process.
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