58: Prop Joe

Show Notes

Moe Factz with Adam Curry for February 2nd 2021, Episode number 58

"Prop Joe"


Adam and Moe profile President Biden. He means what he says when he says it!

Executive Producers:

Andrew Watson

Jackie Greene

brett Harding

Janet Kostrevski

Rusty Becker

Robert Sheldon

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"Sir McQueen of Blighttown

Sami Minkkinen

Chris Bailey

Erik Höchel

Julian Robbins

Elvis "The Chef" Rosenberg


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"Sir McQueen of Blighttown

Sami Minkkinen

Chris Bailey

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Intro: Truth Hurts - Addictive Instrumental - 25 seconds

Outro: Thin Lizzy - The Boys are Back in Town - 25 seconds

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