TTB126: Don’t Be Dumb
The Two Bobs episode 126 for Monday, March 30, 2020:

* What are The Bobs drinking?

* Rob enjoyed a Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale from Eagle Brewery, formally known as Well’s. Again, we’ve already had this beer on the show before. We blame the pandemic.
* Robert had a CBS from Founders.
* Follow us on Untappd at @robertk328 and @PhilRoberts33 or we’ll replace your hand soap with cheese.

* COVID-19 banter because we haven’t gotten enough of it lately.
* This week’s CRAZY NEWS will make you wonder how society is going to make it through this pandemic. Here’s a hint: don’t do any of the things most of these dipshits have done.

* Woman discovers the bar soap she’s been using to wash her hands is actually a block of cheese.
* This Instawhore thought it would be a good idea to lick a toilet seat to prove that she’s a complete fucking moron. Mission: Accomplished.
* Oregon police have asked the public to stop calling 911 when they’ve run out of toilet paper.
* A Portland strip club closed due to coronavirus opened a curbside food delivery service called “Boober Eats”.
* A man is hospitalized for believing eating toilet paper would cure him from coronavirus.
* Chinese authorities have confirmed that patient zero had sex with bats.

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