Rabbit Hole Recap: Bitcoin Week of 2021.03.29

This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- coldcard physical attack 

- Kentucky signs bitcoin mining incentives 

- Strike launches in El Salvador without banking partners 

- Azteco adds lightning 

- Goldman to start offering bitcoin exposure to rich clients 

- Morgan Stanley prepping to add bitcoin exposure to major funds 

- Brink's first round of dev grants 

- Gemini provides grant to mempool.space 

- Specter v1.3.0 

- Coldcard v4.01 

- Bisq v1.6.1 

- BTCPay Server v1.0.7.1 

- sphinx-relay v2.0.7 

- c-lightning v0.10.0 

- MyNode v0.2.29 

- Umbrel v0.3.8 

- Zeus v0.5.1 

- JoininBox v0.3.4 

- Wasabi v1.1.12.7 

- HWI v2.0.1 

- Chainalysis raises $100M, valued at $2B 

- Canada increases KYC requirements 

- Lightning node performance tests 

- Probing lightning channels paper 

- Largest KYC leak ever from MobiKwik in India 

- GBTC still trading at discount 

- Bitcoin transcripts hub 

- This month in bitcoin privacy 

- SuredBits Multi Oraclee deep dive 

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