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Something very dark is happening to America. More and more people are turning against the values and traditions that made this country so successful in the first place. We’re becoming like the Soviet Union or Maoist China, and not simply because more and more of our leaders seem to be literal communists. We’re seeing Christianity disappear from public life, replaced by nihilism, hedonism, and Satanism. Connie Thach is a Physician Assistant who joined Stew Peters to discuss.

One of the primary tools we have for tracking all the side effects to this vaccine is the VAERS database kept by the CDC. As-is, that database has showed tens of thousands of adverse effects connected to the vaccine, including many deaths. The CDC insists there’s nothing to see here, but is VAERS even accurate in the first place? Deborah Conrad says it isn’t..

he Arizona audit has come and gone, putting up a whole Soviet parade’s worth of red flags about the 2020 election there. But that audit is only going to help Republicans if they learn from it, and make sure Arizona’s elections are secure going forward. Kari Lake is running for governor of Arizona. She joins us.

How long has Fox News been controlled opposition? Stew Peters investigative journalist Edward Szall discusses the vaccine mandate Rupert Murdoch’s network placed on a supposedly “Patriot Awards” ceremony in Hollywood, Florida, and what it means for all the hosts who showed up and submitted.

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11/18/202155 min

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