ROGUE ONE Breakdown! New Easter Eggs Revealed! (Star Wars Rewatch)
Thanks to for sponsoring this Star Wars Rogue One rewatch! Give a try at: Wars Rogue One (2016) has aged well over the years as a Star Wars story well rooted in the most interesting aspects of the universe -- Darth Vader as a symbol of fear, the dark realities of war, and stunning visuals. What new details emerge from a rewatch of Rogue One? In preparation for Star Wars Episode 9, Erik Voss is rewatching past Star Wars films as part of New Rockstars' #Wookieeleaks series. How does the imagery, lighting, and color palette of Rogue One cause the film to dovetail perfectly into the original Star Wars (1977)? Stay tuned for future classic rewatches of the Star Wars original trilogy and prequels in the coming weeks!
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