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In today’s episode of Cup of Confidence, we are joined by special guest Christi Norfleet, owner, and founder of Confluence Business Solutions, focusing on helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow through automation and sound marketing strategy. Christi has used her background to create a new way to help businesses meet their leads and provide exponential service. She also discusses her journey in building her business from the ground up. She also touches on finding the exact gift you have to provide a service to your niche and follow your passion with ease. Then Christi discusses public speaking and becoming confident in herself to become the best. Christi brings many relatable stories that any business owner or entrepreneur can relate to! Tune in today!

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Guest Bio:

In 2014, after a 20-year career in service in the nonprofit sector, Christi Norfleet created Confluence Business Solutions out of a desire to serve. Christi believes that businesses of all shapes and sizes should access tools and strategies that support business growth through business and marketing automation.

Christi has helped clients generate more than $1 million in revenue, with more than 100 successful campaigns that promote both products/services and those that support improved business processes through automation. Her clients represent service and product-based entrepreneurs ranging from successful business coaches, real estate, legal, health and nutrition, and more.

Guest Links: 

Website https://confluencebusinessolutions.com/

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/christistaffordnorfleet

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