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While Alban and Kevin are out, Jordan has Buzzsprout Facebook Group Moderator, Matt Rideout, and the Co-Founder of Buzzsprout, Tom Rossi, on the show. In this episode, the hosts hash out the results of Sounds Profitable's "The Creators" report, discover how to get featured in Spotify, & chat about Reddit's new feature: Reddit Talks!Thanks to Matt Rideout for guesting on this episode & telling us all about being in live radio!  You can find his podcast, Wax Wednesday, here: UPDATESThanks to Claire for writing in about your experience at the Podcast Show in London! Check out Claire's podcast, The Silent Why! Ads payout has rolled out! CREATORS BY SOUNDS PROFITABLE CREATION DECLINING TO GET FEATURED IN SPOTIFYform: post: TALKS MURDERS IN THE BUILDING episode of Buzzcast is hosted by Jordan Blair @jordanpods, Matt Rideout, and Tom Rossi @tomrossi7. Thanks for listening & keep podcasting!
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