Shaq and the crew discuss the unrest around the nation, how we move forward, and try to have some needed laughs on the 5th anniversary show on The Big Podcast with Shaq
Shaq opens the show with his honest, raw rant about the actions against George Floyd and how 2020 has shaped up to be the worst year of his life with everything that's unfolded so far. He shares his honest thoughts on change, and along with B-Dog, John and Rob have a very frank and honest conversation about the state of our society. It's really a great, honest and raw conversation. And of course we dive into the return of the NBA season and Shaq continues to argue that this year will always be an asterisk season. We find some laughs along the way, of course we have a little fun with Borderline, and we play an epic showdown of all our games in Shaq's "Game of All Games". Follow @Shaqcast on Twitter, The Big Podcast with Shaq on Instagram and Facebook, or email your best clips and questions to
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