215: You'll Never Be Free Unless You Tell Yourself The Truth. Taking Control Of Your Destiny At Work. Brown-nosing Team Members. Passed Over For Promotion.

0:00:00 - Opening: Sun Tzu

0:02:37 - What to do if a team mate is brown-nosing and putting in extra work to get a promotion.

0:31:43 - What to do when you get passed over for a promotion.

1:02:07 - What to do when you think you're in a rut, or in a loop of failure.

1:10:23 - Know the difference. "Yes" Man VS Willing to smash all tasks., big or small.

1:13:43 - How to take control of your destiny at work.

1:17:51 - Are you happy where you are, REALLY?

1:23:46 - How to stay on THE PATH.

1:51:39 - Closing Gratitude.


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