TTB112: Mistress Bob K.
The Two Bobs episode 112 for Monday, September 30, 2019:

* What are The Bobs drinking?

* Rob had a Raspberry Truffle W-n-B Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout from Terrapin.
* Robert sucked down a Chocolate Gateau Imperial Stout from Commonwealth.
* Follow us on Untappd at @robertk328 and @PhilRoberts33 or we’ll replace your guacamole with wasabi.

* Amazon released some cool shit. We talked about it.

* Sammy J. Is coming to an Echo near you!

* This week we’re not having any CRAZY NEWS. Kidding! I’m sure it’s the only reason you still listen to this shit show.

* Who said old people can’t be kinky? This crazy geriatric will slap the shit out of you for even thinking it.
* Pacific Islander invents medical penis-enlarging breakthrough. His dick eventually fell off but he had the wildest two years of his life.
* Mother of the Year candidate locked her three-year-old in her car while she went stripping.
* A case of mistaken identity led this lady to take a big ol’ bite of wasabi thinking it was avocado. She’ll be alright. Well, except for her heart. Her heart is fucked.
* Sheriff deputies pulled over an amish buggy with a killer stereo system.
* A man in Hawaii was hospitalized for getting his dick stuck in a giant clam.

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