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In this episode, the hosts discuss "The Standards Innovation Paradox", weigh the pros and cons of multiple Facebook profiles, wonder at fanfiction about podcast hosts, and the truth is revealed about which one is an internet creep.ACAST & PODCHASER🎉 Congrats to both! totals $34 million ($27.2 million initial & $6.8 million earn-out clause). Podchaser will operate as a separate brand and independent business. Will give Acast's advertisers better data to target ads. THE PODCAST QUIZ STANDARDS INNOVATION PARADOX Standards Innovation Paradox is a blog post written by Michael Mignano about the trade-off of finding an audience quickly vs innovative development. FACEBOOK TESTING MULTIPLE PROFILES will allow some users to have multiple profiles as part of a test. Up to five profiles per accountCan use fake names for the extra profilesIf any one profile violates Facebook's policies, that profile or all tied to the account can be affected.Interaction-based (i.e. work profile, hobby profile, family profile, etc.)PODCAST FANFICTION Boom's Normal Gossip had an episode air on June 21st that detailed the story of three women who became a fans of a podcast that had a fan group on Reddit.The women in the story found out that there was a fan-fiction group for this podcast, and thought it was hilarious, so they started taking part in writing fan fiction about the hosts. It is definitely worth a listen!Buzzcast is hosted by Alban Brooke @albanbrooke, Kevin Finn @kfinn, and Jordan Blair @jordanpodsThanks for listening and keep podcasting! 
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