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Note: This episode was recorded on Wednesday, February 2nd so we only address the controversy around covid misinformation in the Joe Rogan Experience. Since then there have been additional controversies about racist comments resulting in many episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience being removed from Spotify.-------------In this episode, the crew discusses Apple Podcasts' resurgence in Buzzsprout's Global Stats, what's going on over at Spotify, and what it takes to make podcasting a full-time job.Upcoming Podcast Conferences:Podcast Movement Evolutions, March 23-26Blk Pod Festival, May 28-29Podfest Expo, May 26-29Links from this episode:Buzzsprout's Global Stats for JanuarySpotify Is Removing Neil Young Songs After He Complains of ‘Misinformation’ (New York Times)Joe Rogan, Confined to Spotify, is Losing Influence (The Verge)Improve Podcast's Study of Podcasters
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