Shaquille O'Neal and Todd Gurley talk about the Falcons and Todd's money due by LA, plus Shaq on Jordan's greatness and quarantine stories on The Big Podcast with Shaq
Shaq opens the show this week by declaring Michael Jordan as the best to ever play, and strongly declares that no one else is even close regardless of the names being thrown out. We also talk to new Falcons running back Todd Gurley about why he chose the number 21 in spite of protests from Deion Sanders and what he's doing about his owed money in Los Angeles. And we get a great laugh at Frank Caliendo's hilarious Shaq impression during his call of viral videos. We cut it up in another round of "Why Do", of course we get Borderline and John brings a hilarious round of Match Game. Follow @Shaqcast on Twitter, TheBigPodcastwithShaq on Instagram and Facebook, or email
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