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Are there any differences between Chinese Communists and US liberals? Not really. In this episode, I discuss the similarities. I also address the stunning UFO report and I debunk another silly conspiracy theory about Ron DeSantis.  News Picks: Here’s the long awaited UFO report from the government. Former DNI Ratcliffe is troubled by the UFO report. Huge news in the ongoing war against big-tech, Donald Trump has joined Rumble. A stunning new revelation in the investigation of Julian Assange. The American left is using the same totalitarian tactics as the communist Chinese. And the Chinese communists are taking note. The backlash to Critical Race Theory is very real, and it could cost the Democrats big-time. The Biden DOJ is attacking election integrity in their lawsuit against the state of Georgia. But it’s likely to blow up in their faces. Our daily lives are being tracked and monitored by tech companies.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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