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Atom Heart Mother is away for another week on Hard Rock Hell Radio, so I thought I’d play a few of my favourite heavy, stoner, space, and psych rock tunes, as well as a few new ones that have appeared. Mos Generator – Lonely One Kenobi Black Rainbows – Superhero Dopeproof Lucifer – California Son Die So Fluid – Tomorrow Doesn’t Always Come Tony Reed – Sat in Your Lap Kvelertak – Kvelertak Clutch – 10001110101 Slower – War Ensemble Delco Detention & Neil Fallon – The Joy of Homeschooling Young Acid – Into the Depths Duel – Satan’s Invention Mastodon – Island King Of None – The Man… Maer – Poisoned Waters Saltpig – Burning Water Yawning Balch – Low Pressure Valley Gjenferd – All That Remain Is Haze Occult Hand Order – Sailors Velvetcut – Eating Machine Falcon Trails – Feel David Gilmour – The Piper’s Call (edit) Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio May 10th 2024Image by AHM
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