Love letters to my darling girl

We’ve gone a bit off piste this week. But! There is a reason.

If you’re a regular listener to the podcast, you’ll know that over the past few years I’ve taken myself on a journey of change. There’s little in my life that’s been unaffected. It’s what’s led to the work I do - and it’s led to this podcast… and, specifically, this episode.

Through that time journaling has been my saviour and my guide (in fact, it's the topic of the very first episode 


Along the way I’ve written love letters to myself... 

Over time, they’ve gathered in number and, braving my vulnerability, I’ve shared them with others too. Releasing each one at the time felt like the cutting of an invisible umbilical chord - but it also felt right to let them go.

By chance I then met up with a wonderful man (you can hear him speak in the episode 'From Grief to Growth' I asked him for some guidance on what to do with them… and, well, his reply wasn't quite what I was expecting, and he chose to publish them. 

And so, now, that’s what’s happening. 

The book My Darling Girl will be published on the 15th December and is now available for pre-order. 

It feels bizarre and glorious in equal measure. 

So, this episode includes a reading from the book, accompanied by music from Angus (who creates all the music on the podcast and the Insight Timer meditations). He wrote it for this particular piece as a form of mindful meditation. I think it’s beautiful and I hope you love it too.

The invitation is to find a place to sit or walk, headphones on, and just enjoy wherever it is you go.

If you're curious for yourself and the darling girls in your life, see...

Two last thoughts… 

1) While the book is titled My Darling Girl, that's because it's how these love letters appeared to me. If you don't identify as female or the phrase simply doesn't resonate with you, please just change those words to something you connect with. The message, I hope, is universal.

2) If you’ve never listened to the podcast before, well, this episode is a little different, so you might want to listen to some of the others too, before deciding if this podcast is for you! The one with Carl is a lovely place to start.

Henny x


Thank you as always to Angus at for his music and production.

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