Episode 102 - Maintaining Emotional Control feat. Rob Delaney (4/23/17)
Rob Delaney stops by to talk healthcare, Bill O'Reilly, sniveling Democrats, and Gorilla Mindset. Then Matt tells us about the Juicero and Felix and Brendan reveal a new single by P.J. Dade, "U Give Me 3nergy." Message from P.J. Dade below: I am an evangelical Christian, the owner of a secondhand boat store, and yes, that was me in the news report about “bathroom encounters.” I sell rudders and motorboards during the day, but I have passions outside of work. Obviously, God is number one. But passion number two is my awesome wife Klyeelissa and my kick butt little guy Mason Jesse James Treibart (the best 4 year old in the world ;) ), Passion the third is, you guessed it, Evangelical EDM. Yes, Evangelical EDM is the thirteenth largest growing music genre in the entire world, but I'm not in it for money. My entire life, I've been searching for a way to tell people how my soul felt. I tried to find it in the bottle, in the pipe, and yup, through the bathroom stall. But every time I thought I was breaking through, I was just putting barriers between my spirit and the world. With Evangelical EDM, I know that I'm finally speaking the true voice God gave me. So I decided to send the boys in "The Trap" my newest song, "You Give Me Energy." I could try explaining my life, my journey, my triumphs, and my pain to get these guys to understand who they're mocking when they mock evangelicals, but they wouldn't understand it. the universal language of music is how neighbors can see eye to eye, though. It's been like that since the Book of Genesis, and it's like that now. So without further ado, I hope you can begin to start to think about considering who I really am, and who you could be. Blessing throughout you, your family, and the world. "You Give Me Energy" lyrics [intro] This song is dedicated To a group of people I fail every day But they're special enough to forgive me I'm talking about my family and the Lord Jesus Christ Let's go Every day is just another chance You can do evil as long as you come right back Forgiveness is how the angels dance It doesn't matter if you were born here or in Iraq You are the best of me You give me Energy Once I was lost at sea You give me energy He's in our hearts before the coffee's in our cups God is our breath every time we hiccup He is the fistul of uppers when we crash He will pump your stomach if you swallow sin for cash You are the best of me You give me energy You wipe the sweat from me You give me energy Slouched in a stall, my luck's run out I refuse to die, refuse to doubt He is with me all around I pick myself up off the ground ‘Cause even if you relapse in the hole Your Wife understands it’s one step towards your goal You are the best of me You give me energy The Holy Ghost nests in me You give me energy [outro] I'm sorry for everything that I have done That I will do, and haven’t done And you're welcome for our son
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