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Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) welcomes entrepreneur, investor, and historical software engineer, Marc Andreessen, onto the show to discuss his business philosophies, why he has a fine-tuned “BS-meter”, and what it’s like to have “F-You Money.”  Marc and Malice also discuss one of their favorite books, Burnham’s “The Machiavellians,” including the book's theory on the cyclical history of governments.  twitter.com/pmarca  Order THE ANARCHIST HANDBOOK: https://www.amzn.com/B095DVF8FJ Order THE NEW RIGHT: https://amzn.to/2IFFCCu Order DEAR READER: https://t.co/vZfTVkK6qf?amp=1   https://twitter.com/michaelmalice  https://instagram.com/michaelmalice  https://malice.locals.com  https://youtube.com/michaelmaliceofficial    Intro song: "Out of Reach" by Legendary House Cats https://thelegendaryhousecats.bandcamp.com/   The newest episode of "YOUR WELCOME" releases on iTunes and YouTube every Thursday! Please subscribe and leave a review.   This week's sponsors: BodyGuardz: bodyguardz.com/welcome CrowdHealth: joincrowdhealth.com/welcome Fum: breathefum.com/malice IPVanish: ipvanish.com/malice, promo code: MALICE PlutoTV: pluto.tv Progressive: progressive.com Sheath Underwear: sheathunderwear.com, promo code: MALICE
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