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My interview with Cassie Willnauer is a dash of talking about New Year's resolutions, a bit of how to talk to your kids about sex, and a hint of purity culture talk as well. I called this episode don't resolve to punish yourself because it's January and a lot of people are setting those New Year's resolutions. I explained why I'm not really a fan of them, often because of the way we're setting our intention for them. For many, it's less about trying to grow and learn, and often times more rooted in punishing oneself, so we talked about ways to switch your mindset in the new year. We also discussed what sex can look like if there's no penetration, and an online phenomenon some of y'all might have seen -  jump humping in Mormonism. She's a mom of two littles, so we discussed what are age appropriate ways to educate your kids about sex and bodies. Biggest takeaway there was just be cool! Don't freak out when they say or do things. We also discussed the infamous drip sticks.Find Cassie via her website, Instagram, or TikTok. You can also listen to her podcast Sexy At Every Size anywhere you're listening to this show!
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