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Gagan Biyani is the co-founder and CEO of Maven, a new platform for cohort-based courses. He was a co-founder of Udemy, a large online education company, and was co-founder and CEO of Sprig, a food delivery company. In this conversation, we discuss online education, cohort-based courses, building a startup, importance of focus, scaling platforms, Bitcoin & Crypto course, and what students want from online education.  ======================= Remote makes it easy for companies of all sizes to employ global teams. We take care of international payroll, benefits, taxes, and local compliance, so you can focus on growing your business. Sign up for Remote today and receive 50% off your first employee for the first three months. Check out and enter promo code POMP to get started. ======================= BlockFi provides financial products for crypto investors. Products include high-yield interest accounts, USD loans, and no fee trading. To start earning today visit: ======================= Choice is a new self-directed IRA product that I'm really excited about. If you are listening to this, you are likely part of the 7.1 million bitcoin owners who have retirement accounts with dollars in them, but not bitcoin. I was in that situation too. Now you can actually buy real Bitcoin in your retirement account. I'm talking about owning your private keys and using tax-advantaged dollars to do it too. Absolute game changer. =======================
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