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System dependencies in R packages

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A new contender for speedy fuzzy joins of data frames enough to make Sonic jealous, a novel use of ggplot2 for creating a map that could have come from a vintage typewriter, and the immense progress of detecting R package system dependencies. Episode Links This week's curator: Ryo Nakagawara - @R_by_Ryo) (Twitter) & (Mastodon) {zoomerjoin} 0.1.0: Superlatively-fast fuzzy-joins in R. Creating typewriter-styled maps in ggplot2 System Dependencies in R Packages & Automatic Testing Entire issue available at Supplement Resources Locality-sensitive hashing Value 4 Value podcast by Kyrin Down Supporting the show Use the contact page at to send us your feedback R-Weekly Highlights on the - You can send a boost into the show directly in the Podcast Index. First, top-up with Alby, and then head over to the R-Weekly Highlights podcast entry on the index. A new way to think about value: Get in touch with us on social media Eric Nantz: @theRcast (Twitter) and (Mastodon) Mike Thomas: @mike_ketchbrook (Twitter) and (Mastodon) Music credits powered by OCRemix Jazzer Soul - Soul Blade - MkVaff - Super Buck II - Super Mario Brothers 2 - Estradasphere -
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